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Story: Stranger Who Got Man’s Daughter Pregnant Told Him He Didn't Love Her

Rebelander Basilan
Mar 01, 2019
05:52 A.M.
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A young man got a girl he didn’t love pregnant and had the courage to ask her father for a job.


It sounds outrageous, but this real-life story is quite a heartwarming one. The girl’s father was a general manager at a car dealership. Her daughter, Stacy (not her real name), became pregnant at 17 years old, after meeting a young man at a party.

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She didn’t tell her parents who the father of the baby was. One Sunday afternoon, many months into her pregnancy, an old pick-up truck pulled up outside their house.

The girl’s father was sitting outside when he saw a young man jump out of the truck.

“Are you Stacy’s dad?” the young man asked him.

He replied, “Yes I am, are you here to see her?”

“No sir, I’m here to talk to you, can I sit down?”



Stacy’s father said yes. He then explained himself as an 18-year-old old boy who’s just finished high school. He said he was not very book smart, with no real future.

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He then said, “I understand Stacy is pregnant.”

“Yes, she is,” Stacy’s father replied.

He said, “I’m the father.”

Stacy’s father replied, “Figured as much, so what’s going on?”

He said,

“Well, I don’t love your daughter and shouldn’t have done what I did. However, I’m soon to become a father without a good income. I know you run multiple car dealerships and one can make good money selling cars. I want to come work for you so I can make enough money to support my child and be a good father.”


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Stacy’s father looked at him and said, “What kind of work would you want to do at one of my dealerships?”


“I want to sell cars; I want to be a salesman. I hear you don’t need a degree and if you are willing to work long and hard hours you can make good money,” he answered.


The father nodded and said, “Yes you can. Now, son, you got some guts coming over here telling me you got my daughter pregnant when you don’t even love her and then asking for a job…”

He then said, “I figured this was my best option of finding a job to make enough money to support my kid.”

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Stacy’s father said, “I want you to be at my dealership tomorrow in your Sunday best at 8 AM, do you understand?”

This happened ten years ago. The young man went on to become a store manager, and one of the best hires Stacy’s father ever made. He is also an awesome father of 2 now (he met and married another woman and had a child with her).


He shares custody with Stacy for her child.

Reflecting on this turn of events, Stacy’s father wrote. “Now I’m not saying he didn’t make a mistake, and I’m not saying that their situation is ideal. But what I can say is that I admire the hell out of that young man for owning up to his responsibilities and being a real father. I know there are a lot of men out there who would not have done the same.”