‘Cake Boss’ Star Buddy Valastro’s Wife Made Him over-the-Top Birthday Cake and It's Huge

On Sunday, “Cake Boss” star Buddy Valastro, celebrated his birthday. His wife, Lisa Valastro, chose to honor his special day by baking him a huge birthday cake.

Buddy was able to record the decoration and assembly process of his wife’s hard work.

Buddy Valastro, the owner of Carlo’s Bakery and famous baker on “Cake Boss” recently turned 42. To celebrate his special day, he took to Instagram with a couple of videos showing his wife, Lisa Valastro, preparing his birthday cake.

It’s a special birthday tradition for the Valastro family to have Lisa and the couple’s children make the cake for Buddy. During this time, the professional baker isn’t allowed to assist them.

On one caption of the birthday photos the reality star and businessman wrote, “[I] love this tradition and I really love this woman.” The couple has been together in marriage for 20 years.

Even though Lisa struggled here-and-there with the preparations, the end result was quite impressive for someone who isn’t a professional baker. It appears her husband’s skills have rubbed off on her over the years.

She and Buddy are parents to Marco, Carlo, Sofia, and Buddy Jr. The final product revealed on Instagram was a three-tiered cake, one decorated with sprinkles, another with mini donuts, and the last one with cookies.

Lisa and Buddy met through their family as her best friend also happened to be her husband’s second cousin. The second cousin was his neighbor when they were children.

When Buddy and Lisa were 19 and 22 respectively, they began dating. They were together when the reality star had to work late nights at the bakery he inherited from his father, Bartolo Valastro, Sr. in Hoboken, New Jersey.

Speaking about sharing her husband with his fans, Lisa said, “Well, there are pros and cons! It’s exciting, but basically, I have to share him with millions of people.” “Cake Boss” is currently airing reruns on TLC and Discovery Family.

The reality star also appears on “Buddy vs. Duff,” where he and master baker, Duff Goldman, challenge each other. The show will debut on March 10 on The Food Network.

When Buddy and Lisa actually started dating they had met up at a club at the request of the reality star's cousins. Buddy shared, "When Lisa came out that night, I teased her and said 'you were really after me,' and she says I was really after her.”

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