‘Crack Is Wack,’ Wendy Williams Opens up about Cocaine Addiction While Discussing Luke Perry Death

Following decade-long cocaine abuse, Wendy Williams opened up about her addiction a day after returning to her show.

“I’ve had my bout with substance abuse. Once you’re a substance abuser you have to battle that for the rest of your life,”, she said while discussing the tragic death of Luke Perry during her show.

She went on to talk about how she has had a ten-year ride with cocaine and crack.

“Oh yeah, crack is wack,” exclaimed Wendy before sharing that she was a mess as an addict.

Williams shared the story of her addiction after saying that Perry was “too young” to have a stroke.

“I don’t know whether he was a party boy turned into a party man, I don’t know about him, you know, substance abuse or anything like that but 52 is really young to have a stroke,” Williams said as she went on about Perry’s untimely demise.

“With regard to whether he was a substance abuser or not, I still want to look into it,” she added.

While the TV host’s thoughts were likely well-meant, some of her “co-hosts” were not happy when she related her past as an addict with Perry’s untimely death.

In 2003, Williams came into the spotlight after asking Whitney Houston about her addiction. Williams feuded with many other celebrities including Beyonce, Will Smith, Nene Leakes, and Porsha Williams among others.

The TV host says that she does not dwell on being likable, stating that she does not “have time for that”. She is known for keeping things “authentic” on her show.

The Wendy Williams Show has a loyal fan base and roughly 1.7 million people tune in to her syndicate program every afternoon.

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