Criminal Minds' Star A.J. Cooks Steals the Spotlight on Red Carpet with Her Two Adorable Sons

"Criminal Minds" star, A. J. Cook, stepped onto the red carpet in the company of her family stealing the gazes of all. Her sons have experienced tremendous growth since their last appearance in the spotlight.

The 14-season show has some faces which fans will never forget. One of such is that of A. J. Cook.

The mother of two who featured as FBI agent, ‘Jennifer Jareau’ in the series stepped onto the red carpet recently in the company of her husband, Nathan Andersen, and sons, Mekhi and Phoenix.

Mekhi and Phoenix also featured on "Criminal Minds" as the two sons of A. J. Cook: Henry LaMontagne, and Michael respectively. It is evident that the boys are following their mother's footsteps. The two boys played their roles with finesse and left a permanent impression on the minds of their fans who are surprised to see how much they have grown over the years.

On the red carpet, Cook's 40-year-old husband, Nathan Andersen stood elegantly beside her while comfortably holding their younger son, Phoenix, in his right arm. Mekhi, on his part, stood with an arm around his mother while wearing a wide grin on his face.

It is incredible how much the brothers look alike; asides the apparent difference in hair color, Phoenix could easily pass as Mekhi's younger self .

Fans of the boys' mother were impressed by how handsome the boys looked now. 

A fan said:

"can’t believe how big the boys are now. So cute."



another fan showed much affection for the star's family in the comment section saying:

"Family is God's design! You are beautiful! Bjs from your Brazilian fan @ajcook !"



Another fan who was particularly impressed by Phoenix said:

"Holy Cow Phoenix is HUGE!!!❤️♥️ I Swear it feels like you were pregnant yesterday!"

In other exciting news about the Canadian who — unknown to many — goes by the real name Alexander Joy Cook, she is not only good at acting; she also has some prowess in other aspects of theatre. She has danced competitively in jazz, tap, and ballet.

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