Lara Trump Claims the President Does More for Black Americans Than Obama Did

Donald Trump’s daughter-in-law responded to comments made “The Breakfast Club” hosts about having the president as a guest, and accused them of not recognizing what he has done for the black community.

On March 12, 36-year-old Lara Trump, one of the president’s campaign adviser for the 2020 elections, was interviewed by “Fox News @ Night” and she used the opportunity to defend his father-in-law from comments made the day before.

Radio hosts Charamagna tha God, DJ Envy, and Angela Yee from “The Breakfast Club” stated the night before that President Trump didn’t care about “black and brown people.”

“I actually think it's a shame that they're not recognizing the incredible things that this president has done for the African-American community,” Lara told Shannon Bream before comparing the Trump administration to that of his predecessor.

“You look at the fact that under our first black president, President Barack Obama, we had almost 10 percent unemployment in the African-American community. Now that has almost been cut in half thanks to Donald Trump, a historic low within those numbers.”

-Lara Trump, Fox News, March 12, 2019.

Lara denied Charlamagne’s assumptions about President Trump’s alleged lack of interest in the black audience, and said that he was “never scared of an interview.”

“He’s never scared of a challenge,” she said, after assuring that “he would be great on their show.” “I think they’d have fun,” Bream agreed.

The wife of Eric Trump went on to claim that even people who don’t support her father-in-law in public might be voting to reelect Donald Trump in 2020 because of the positive impact his “incredible job” has had in their finances.

“I always think people vote with their wallets and their pocketbooks. And even though they're not going to tell anybody, Shannon, they're going to go in a voting booth and they're going to vote for Donald Trump,” Lara said.

“They may not tell their friends and family, but I think the president is doing an incredible job now. I don't know that he needs to sell anything to anybody. I think he just needs to keep doing what he's doing,” she added.

Mediaite reached out to Charlamagne the day following Lara Trump’s comments, to ask him once again if they were ready to welcome the head of state in their show.

“Why wouldn’t we? I think people feel like we are a liberal-leaning show, when the reality is liberals are the only ones who request to come on,” the radio host said.

“It’s very, very, very rare that someone from the right wants to come on, but we would never block a visit,” he added.

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