March 18, 2019

Outrage after Innocent Dog Was Painted Green as a Joke

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A video recorded in Argentina has caused great outrage in social media. In the clip, a few men in charge of spreading propaganda in favor of a candidate for legislator painted a dog with synthetic paint, while they fired back at those who confronted them about their actions.

After the video went viral, the men were fired from the political organization, and the legislator they promoted distanced themselves from the actions.

Macaco was painted with synthetic paint. | Source: Facebook/gabriela.u.lopez.94


A day of political propaganda in the hands of militants of the Argentine Justicialist Party ended in viral controversy after a couple of men decided to take the "initiative" to paint a poor puppy with the colors of the campaign.

The event happened in the town of Tucumán, in Argentina, and everything was recorded on video. The actions of the militants promoting the Peronist legislator Sarita Assán have been widely rejected on social media, where they have caused indignation reflected in hundreds of comments.


“Macaco, Macaco come," says the militant in the video, calling the animal to continue painting his fur. When a neighbor yells at the man for his actions, he shouted back "do not get involved, make a complaint to animal protection if you want." Then, the person recording the video encourages the other to continue, saying "add a little more in the paws."

After the video became viral, Sarita Assán herself made statements rejecting animal abuse. She also clarified that the dog is in perfect health after receiving the necessary medical attention.

Macaco received veterinary attention and is perfectly healthy. | Source: YouTube/el tucumano


In an interview with El Tucumano, Assán said:

"My first reaction was that of all the people who saw the video: I don’t know why they did what they did, we don’t have a violent background. I have three dogs in my house. We love dogs; they are part of the family and what happened generated a lot of anger. "

Sarita Assán met with Isaías and Macaco to apologize. | Source: Youtube/el tucumano


The fury and anger of social media users after watching the video were immediate.

"Send those animal abusers to jail!", "You are responsible for what your people did ... Unscrupulous and inoperative!", "Shame on you!!", And "National disgrace! I don’t care if they were fired, they have to be jailed" were just some of the hundreds of insults and complaints registered on Facebook.

On the other hand, Isaías, the 14-year-old who owns Macaco, said he found out what happened to his dog after coming home from school.


“Luckily he's getting well. And we are going to help him recover. He’s very kind, and here in Amalia, everyone loves him,” the teenager expressed.

Sadly, Macaco is not the first innocent life put at risk just because someone thinks painting an animal is "fun." Last Halloween, a Mexican woman received lots of criticism after painting her chihuahua, Valentino, like a traditional alebrije, a mythical creature from the Mexican culture. 

Valentino was painted to recreate a Mexican alebrije. | Source: Facebook/Reporteros Hoy


A video shared on Facebook showed the small dog looking terrified, trembling and looking alarmed at the camera while the man behind it admired its body, painted with different colors and patterns. The dog even had a pair of wings on his back to complete the look.

When asked about the inspiration behind her pet’s costume, the owner proudly announced that, since Disney’s animated movie “Coco” was being screened later that day, she thought it would be a great idea to make Valentino look like one of the characters in the movie.


The video caused outrage among social media users, who were quick to fill the video’s comment section with their thoughts on the woman’s actions:

“THIS IS ANIMAL CRUELTY!!! It should be stopped. That poor little dog is afraid as hell. That’s just heartbreaking. Everyone that calls itself an animal friend should see that.DISGUSTING.”

Paint can be dangerous for a dog's fur, causing burns or irritation depending on the components of the paint. 

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