'Alaskan Bush People' Fans Accuse Brown Family of Canned Hunting as a New Photo Causes Debate

Mar 17, 2019
05:37 A.M.

To stock up on meat, the Brown family booked a buffalo hunt in an Idaho bison ranch, but the organized trophy hunt angers their fans on the issue of animal cruelty.


As the family prepares for the winter, Billy decides to contact a rancher in Idaho whose herd needed culling. Bam, Birdy, and Rainy head out and paint some plywood targets for practice shooting and turn it into a little competition, to prepare for the hunt.


Noah is left at Brown Star to build a meat locker to preserve the supply of bison meat when it arrives, while the others including Billy and Ami camp out in Idaho.

Bear and Birdy are left to go hunting, while the others who made the trip didn’t feel well enough to join. The pair close in on a male bison and Birdy takes a shot. It might have been the first time an animal was killed on air.

The show received criticism for the killing calling it a cruel canned hunt with one user saying,


“The Browns canned trophy hunt took place at a trophy hunting ranch, and the bison was conveniently tied up to a place, near a dirt road so Birdie wouldn’t get trampled, the bison couldn’t run, and she looks like she knows how to shoot. A canned trophy hunt is not like a normal hunt, there’s no hunting involved, and you don’t need a hunting license or any shooting skills, you just need a wad of cash to pay the rancher."

Another comment posted said,


“Look, you believe this lying family. You call the ranch then. The fact is they paid thousands to kill that animal for just the fun of it. I’m sure ranchers do cull their herds, but I bet they don’t enjoy killing for fun.”

The Brown Family moved from Alaska to Washington after mom, Ami Brown, was diagnosed with lung cancer. The residents of Omak, Washington are not amused by the presence of their new celebrity neighbors, calling their home a small town, and making it clear that it is not Hollywood.

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