Heartbroken Family Stricken with Grief Twice as Funeral Home Displays Wrong Body at Wake

Edduin Carvajal
Mar 17, 2019
10:41 P.M.
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The family of Norma Newman got surprised when they went to the Roy Mizell & Kurtz Funeral Home in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, to pay their respects to the lady, but found another person un the casket.


Cuinthia Webber, the sister of Norma, admitted that she was ready to see her body to say “goodbye” for the last time when she noticed that it was not her sister. “This is somebody we did not know,” added Cuinthia.

Some of the outraged relatives said that they first realized that there was something wrong when they noticed that “Norma” didn’t have her trademark feature: a large mole on her forehead.



The lady’s niece, Suzette Walsh, pointed out that they asked the funeral home about the mold, but they said they covered it up with makeup, trying to hide the fact that they made a huge mistake.

Suzette said, “there was no mole there. And makeup couldn’t cover it because it was like, kind of protruding out of her face.”

Suzette Walsh, Norma's niece, talking about the situation | Source: YouTube/CBS Local News


Later, some of the employees of the place acknowledged that something was wrong, but only said that they were “still investigating” the events.

Marcia Durrant, another niece of Norma, revealed that they didn’t know where her aunt’s body was and that they went to the funeral home to mourn her loss but left with so many questions and “nobody is taking ownership.”

Marcia Durrant, another niece, complaining about the mistake | Source: YouTube/CBS Local News



“We just want to make sure that they don’t cremate this woman and act as if everything is OK. It’s not. We need to make sure that she’s at peace, and they don’t know where she is,” shared Suzette.

Even though it is not entirely certain, another family reported that they have plenty of reasons to believe that they buried Norma on March 2.


That family thought that Norma was their beloved one at that point, which might mean that the funeral home swapped the bodies of the women. At the moment, it is unclear whether Norma’s family have answers from the funeral home.

“There was no mole there. And makeup couldn’t cover it because it was like, kind of protruding out of her face.”

Thankfully, such things are very uncommon, and most funeral homes do their job flawlessly.

The Central Texas State Veterans Cemetery, for instance, went above and beyond with Air Force Veteran Joseph Walker’s funeral. Since they couldn’t find any member of his family to say their last “goodbye,” they took to Facebook to share Joseph’s story.

Soon later, the post went viral, and more than 1,000 people, including hundreds of bikers, attended the man’s funeral.