March 25, 2019

TV Meteorologist Reacts to Criticism about Not Using Married Name with Powerful Explanation

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Meteorologist Abby Dyer received an anonymous typewritten note that made mean accusations about her choice to keep her maiden name.

Abby is part of the NBC affiliate in Springfield, Missouri called KY3 News. Apart from her extensive knowledge in the field of meteorology, she comes off on-screen as friendly and warm, with a charming personality and a pretty smile to match. 


She has educational segments on the channel where she reports about the weather and also some other fun facts about science and the atmosphere.


But an anonymous online follower sent a mean letter to the KY3 News reporter accusing her of omitting her married name from her TV persona saying, 

“I bet the reason for this maiden name you’re obsessed with, is you want men to think you are hot and a single girl.”

The accuser also compared her to fellow KY3 reporters and anchors Sara Forhetz and Lisa Rose, who both use their married last names on their shows. And continued to judge Abby for being ashamed of her husband, and saying her own husband would be “irritated if I continued to use my maiden name.”

Abby took to her Facebook page to respond and defend herself, hoping the message would reach her accuser. She said,


“I’m happily married. Most of my posts and commentary are about the weather - since that’s my job - and not my personal life.  But you don’t have to look hard through my posts to find photos of my family that I have shared publicly with the world. You may also have noticed that I wear my wedding ring proudly every day.”


She continued,

“I’m sorry you felt the need to write such a malicious note without ever considering I may have thought about this decision very carefully.  You see, it is very easy for you to contact me...Anonymously. I don’t get that same luxury as I have a very public job.”

She ended with,

“Let’s all remember to be kind to each other and give each other a little grace.”

Support for the attacked reporter rushed in with colleagues in the industry posting messages for Abby.

Dr. Marshall Shepherd said,


“Abby Dyer nor any other meteorologist should have to explain the name they choose to us, what they wear, so on...Some people are ridiculous and need to mind business. The bullying of meteorologists, especially my female colleagues, out of control today.”


Bullying on social media has become quite common, and many people, including famous celebrities,  have been victimized by it in varying degrees.

Tori Spelling and her five children were attacked by cruel online followers with their comments about their weight and physical appearance.  Tori did her best to make a simple defense against the online bullies saying,

“For all the individuals on here that felt the need to #mumshame and #kidshame me and my children I say ‘Shame on you!’ I was raised to believe that if you can’t say anything nice about someone then don’t say anything at all.”