March 26, 2019

Four Fathers Gather and Brag about Their Sons

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Meeting old friends after a very long time comes with its thrills and happy moments. A lot of issues are discussed, and it is time to reflect on past experiences and savor success stories.

For four friends who finally got to see after such a long time, the achievement of their sons was the center of discussion, and the success story of one of them trumped that of others by a wide margin.

A group of older gentlemen talking drinking together at a bar | Photo: Getty Images


Thirty years is a long time gone without having to see one’s childhood friends. Such was the tale of four grown men who finally set eyes on each other after a long period. The first port of call for these men after the necessary and warm greetings happened to be the bar and it is there that the story unfolds.

The four men are drinking and chatting happily. While they are at it, one of them excuses himself as he needs to urinate. The others kept on discussing, and the success of their sons was their topic of discussion.

The first man gave glowing praise to his son, saying how he is such a joy to him. He explains how his son rose from the bottom of his company to become the president of the company. His son is now so rich to the extent that he gave his best friend a high-class Mercedes for his birthday.


The second man is amazed at the feat and tells about his son too. He also reveals that his son is his pride and joy. His son became a pilot after attending flight school, and then rose to become a significant partner in the company; he is now so rich that he bought his best friend a brand new jet for his birthday.

Men hanging out at a bar | Photo: Getty Images


The third man is overly impressed and gives accounts of his son’s success. His son is a successful engineer who started his own engineering company, becoming a multimillionaire in the process. Now he is so rich that he bought his best friend a 30,000 square feet mansion for his birthday.

At this juncture, the fourth man is making his return from the restroom and meets his friends congratulating each other on their sons' successes. He asks why they are doing this, and they explain to him that they are proud of their sons. They then ask him about his son.

He smiles and reveals that his son is gay. The others are thrown back and feel for their friend, saying he must be sad about the development. To their surprise, he says he is not, that he loves his son in spite of all that and that he is also doing well for himself.

He goes on to say that his son’s birthday was two weeks ago and that he received a beautiful 30,000 square foot mansion, a brand new jet, and a high-class Mercedes form his three boyfriends.

You can guess how his friends reacted.