Jessa Duggar Shares a ‘Comical’ Video of Her Son’s Wet Pants, and Fans Accuse Her of Shaming Him

Mar 27, 2019
12:06 A.M.

Mom fans of reality star Jessa Duggar are not happy with her recent kid-shaming after she posted a video of her little son’s struggle with potty training.


Jessa Duggar’s three-year-old son Spurgeon Seewald is potty training now, and the struggle is real. But it didn’t help that his mom told the world he peed in his pants, through a social media post where they discussed the incident with Spurgeon saying,

“My pants leaked...again.”

To which his mother replied,

“It’s called you went pee on yourself. You were just on the potty two minutes ago, and we couldn’t get you to go, and you couldn’t go. Why did this happen?”

All this is part of the process of potty training, but what was not was sharing it with two million followers.


Her caption for her two-part post read,

“Video 1: Expectations. Video 2: Reality. So cute and comical, it’s hard not to laugh at his explanations!! We’re setting the 10-15 minute timer and trying every time it goes off. We have nerds for prizes -- 1 for trying, 2 for pee, 4 for poo. (love that they’re tiny, so not a sugar overload). Started this morning, but so far, we’ve had 3 accidents and nothing in the potty. Maybe I’m not having him sit and try long enough??”


Duggar probably didn’t expect what was coming. Many of her followers considered the post an act of kid-shaming. With one user saying,

“Your kid is going to be a grown-up eventually and probably not appreciate the public eye seeing him wet his pants.”


User @goodman.marcia said kind words in defense of Jessa saying,

“Those of you who think this is wrong to post on social media I agree with you. But let’s understand what Jessa is going through...she is very pregnant she takes care of two young children whom I sure have tons of energy. Maybe she just had a bad day like we all do. I feel she would never intend any harm to her child.”

Recently it was the other way around when it was Jessa who was mom-shamed for a post she shared of her niece, Meredith with dirty feet. Many users commented with words like “Wow, those feet are dirty.”

Jessa had a simple comeback saying,

“Mine look about the same. It’s 60 degrees outside today. That’s barefoot weather.”

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