March 30, 2019

Tristan Thompson under Fire yet Again after Allegedly Sliding into 17-Year-Old Model's DMs

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Tristan Thompson might be single, but that doesn't mean he's immune from all the criticism amid his cheating scandal. 

The Cleveland Cavalier center is definitely making the most out of being single, sliding into the DMs of a 17-year-old blogger. 

Seventeen-year-old Yasmin Adelina was not about to be fooled by the known womanizer, sharing a screenshot of Thompson attempting to talk to her on Instagram. 


According to Yasmin, Tristan left a purple heart emoji on her DMs, which she did not respond to as she is aware of how he is with women. 


Prior to his latest Instagram mishap, Thompson was dumped by Khloe Kardashian after she's had enough of his cheating ways. The latest and most heartbreaking incident happened with Jordyn Woods, Khloe's sister Kylie's best friend since childhood. 

Khloe is convinced that enough is enough, revealing multiple times that the Jordyn-Tristan scandal has ruined her family. 

While Tristan flew to Los Angeles to spend Valentine's Day with Khloe and True, he was seen cuddling up next to Kylie's best friend just three days after. Witnesses revealed that after a party, the two shared a kiss before Jordyn left the pad. 



Thompson pegged the entire ordeal as "fake news," but even Jordyn revealed that the kiss happened, but nothing else did. 


However, Khloe is absolutely done playing games, hoping to spare her little daughter from the hurt of having to deal with his womanizing time and time again. She decided to break things off with the NBA player once and for all. 


The couple has gone through the same issue multiple times, and it seems they are done for good with no chances of reconciliation. 

Khloe's priority is the welfare of her child, and that is what she has been focusing on since her latest heartbreak. As for Tristan, he seems to be in the hunt for some company.