April 02, 2019

Dallas Cowboys Legend Michael Irvin Gives Health Update after Revealing Throat Cancer Scare

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Michael Irvin reveals the results of his biopsy just a week after asking fans for prayers for good results. He had himself tested for throat cancer, the same disease that killed his father around the same age he is now. 

Shortly after asking for prayers for favorable results following a biopsy, Michael Irvin reveals his tests came out negative. 



Last week, Irvin took to Instagram requesting for prayers after undergoing tests to determine if he had throat cancer. 

He revealed in his post that he’d been suffering from loss of voice for two months after all the excitement over the Dallas Cowboys’ victory over the Saints. As his father died of throat cancer, the NFL legend made the decision to have himself tested for the disease.



Irvin also shared that he was “TERRIFIED” but that he was relying on his faith to see him through the ordeal. 

“This daemon has chased and vexed me deep in my spirit all my life. So saying I am afraid this time is a big big understatement. I AM TERRIFIED!!

“My Faith tells me whenever you face great fear you go to your greatness power. Mine is God. I am asking all who will. Could you please send up a prayer to help my family and I deal with whatever the results may be?”



Yesterday, the 53-year-old shared the good news that he was cancer-free while thanking God and those who prayed for him. 

 “I spoke with Dr St John at UCLA Medical and she has informed me that all test have come back 100!% clean. NO CANCER!!!!!!” he wrote on his Instagram to accompany a sketch of a person’s hand folded in prayer. 

“It is impossible to express my family and my appreciation for the overwhelming out pour of love, support and prayers. I was on my threshing floor dealing with the stronghold of fear. You all covered and encourage me. To God be the Glory.”



Irvin played in the NFL for 12 years and was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2007. Throughout his football career, he amassed 750 catches, 11,904 receiving yards, and 65 touchdowns. He also participated in three Super Bowls and five Pro Bowls. He’s currently an analyst for NFL Network.