April 02, 2019

Nipsey Hussle's Fatal Shooting Captured on Surveillance Video, Shows Shooter Fired 3 Times

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A new surveillance video shows the Nipsey Hussle shooting suspect wearing a dark shirt, opening fire at the rapper three separate times. 

At first, the man seems to have had a heated conversation with the rapper, shooting him once before walking away. He then comes back a second and third time, shooting the rapper yet again. After the third time, he kicks Nipsey and runs back to the alley where he was first seen entering the frame. 


Nipsey Hussle's murder happened close to a nearby surveillance camera, which makes it easier for the cops to investigate the suspect. The footage, which shows the man's build, gives the police a lead in their search for the killer. 


While the surveillance video could be helpful, the actual shooting is not too clear. It shows a victim collapsing to the ground before several people run from the area, but it is unclear whether the gunman was one of those who ran. However, what is clear is that a large number of people were present during the shooting. 


The victim who falls to the floor resembles the build of Nipsey and was also wearing a white shirt like the rapper was photographed wearing just moments before. 


Nipsey Hussle was shot right outside his own store called "The Marathon Store," which he opened back in 2017. A resident of the area, he is said to have ties with the Crips but was notably working with artists that had rival gang affiliations. An example includes YG, who is tied with the Bloods. 


Investigations are currently being done by the Los Angeles Police Department, and the surfacing of this new surveillance video will most definitely help. 

The rapper and two other victims were shot at 3:20 PM on Sunday, March 31. Although Nipsey was rushed to the hospital, he was pronounced dead on arrival. Meanwhile, the two other victims are in stable condition. 

The rapper passed away after being shot at close range by a young man who was able to escape with a getaway car. The police are convinced that the attack was indeed gang related.