87-Year-Old Couple Forced to Abandon Their Home, but Son Refuses to Send Them to a Facility

Pedro Marrero
Apr 03, 2019
01:28 A.M.
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Schon Miller’s parents are both 87 years old and they require assistance to do many daily activities. The easiest way to solve this was to send them to a care home.


The main reason for the elderly couple to need so much help is that the husband, George, is starting to experience memory loss and the wife, Bonnie, can hardly stand because her legs have weakened with the years.

The two have always dreamt of spending their lives together until the last minute, but living their final years in a care home was not their ideal scenario.

Schon and his mother entering the new home. | Image: YouTube/Caters Clips


While it might be true that many homes for the elderly that give the people under their care the best possible treatment, there are many cases on which their employees harm the residents.

To name an example, let’s remember the case of the Hillside Care Home in Liverpool, United Kingdom, where three of the members from the staff were suspended for filming and mocking a semi-nude old man.

A view of the new place. | Image: YouTube/Caters Clips


With stories like this in mind, Schon couldn’t accept that his beloved parents would have to be submitted to such a life. So he teamed up with his wife Jeannie to turn their basement into a home for his mother and father to live.

Schon had created an entertainment room in the space, which had a pool table, music instruments, and a karaoke area, but after his mother broke her shoulder in a fall, he had priorities for the room and got rid of all the stuff to help his parents.

Bonnie couldn’t hide her surprise when she entered the place, and alongside her touched daughter-in-law, she started to cry.             

The kitchen | Image: YouTube/Caters Clips



Jeannie documented the moment when the elderly man and woman saw the home they had built or them, and tears didn’t take long to come out.

In the clip, we can see and inviting living room, a TV, a few paintings hanging from the walls, and the whole furniture to give the basement the aspect of any other home.

Bonnie couldn’t hide her surprise when she entered the place, and alongside her touched daughter-in-law, she started to cry.                                 

The living room. | YouTube/Caters Clips



Apart from the living room, the video shows the kitchen and bathroom they managed to accommodate the couple’s needs. All around the space, they installed handlers for them to have extra support as they walk around.

Towards the end of the footage, it becomes more than clear that Bonnie and George were delighted by what their son and daughter-in-law had done for them.

Now they can enjoy a proper home while having their relatives nearby to help them with anything they need.



But old people in need don’t have to be one’s parents in order for us to do the right thing and offer help when the opportunity presents itself, as a repo man named Jim Ford taught us all with a kind gesture he had to an elderly couple.

Ford was sent to the home of Pat and Stan Kipping close to Thanksgiving Day to repossess their car to cover up for a debt they couldn’t manage to pay in time, but when he was in front of them, he didn’t have the heart to do it.


20 years in the business hadn’t hardened Ford’s heart enough to let him be indifferent to this couple that was so nice to him and told him all about the debt they accumulated to cover their medical expenses.

Ford had no alternative but to fulfill his duty, but he had a plan to make things up for the Kippings, and in three days he was back with good news: he had paid-of their debt and got the car back for them thanks to a crowdfunding campaign he started.