Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward's 3 Daughters Grew up into Gorgeous Ladies

Paul Newman left a great legacy behind, and his daughters are making sure it lives on. His daughters took well after him, continuing to build their own empire with their loving mother, Joanne Woodward, by their side. 

Paul and Joanne welcomed their three daughters--Elinor Teresa “Nell”, Melissa, and Claire Olivia “Clea”-- early in their marriage. The iconic couple enjoyed a loving life together for half a century after getting married in 1958 until Paul passed away in 2008 due to lung cancer.

Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward. | Source: Wikimedia

Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward. | Source: Wikimedia

Nell, Clea, and Melissa were lucky to be raised by parents who made sure they got all the love and care as they grew up. They were always there for their children and taught them to be humble ever since they were kids.

The couple’s eldest daughter, Nell, is the co-founder and president of Newman’s Own Organics. The company produces organic food as well as pet food. Following the footsteps of her philanthropic father, she is involved with multiple charities. A conservationist, Nell is keen about helping children and contributes to charities focused on children’s welfare.

Nell’s sister Melissa is an artist and singer. She lives in Westport, Connecticut with her middle-school teacher husband, Raphael Elkind. The couple has two sons, Peter and Henry. Having volunteered at a women’s prison in Connecticut, it is no surprise that Melissa, too, is involved in charity work like her siblings. 

Clea, the younger sister of Nell and Melissa, is working to help children, especially those with special needs. She is the Director of Special Initiatives at SeriousFun Children’s Network which was founded by her father in 1988. The foundation was established with an aim to provide positive experiences for children with serious health problems. 

Clea considers her father Paul as her biggest role model. Asides from the same striking blue eyes, she also shares the philanthropic values of her father. She told a source she feels Paul’s presence when she visits their camps around the globe, adding that she feels closer to him that way. 

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