Céline Dion Surprises a Couple at Their Wedding by Showing up to Sing Her Hit Song

This couple got their dream wedding, and they didn't even plan it! Jimmy Kimmel and Celine Dion hugely surprised the duo during their wedding in Las Vegas.

On Friday night's episode of "Jimmy Kimmel Live," show host, Kimmel and singer Celine Dion pulled off a  grand surprise for Jason and Kate who are both majors in the Air Force.

The video which was shot at the host's hometown of Vegas showed the couple's expression when they saw who disrupted their wedding. After obstructing the marriage, Jimmy joked:

"I'm sorry to interrupt. What were you guys doing?"

Jimmy then proceeds to officiate the wedding after being permitted by the couple.


After Kimmel's appearance, Hollywood actor and comedian David Spade also made an appearance at the wedding after the 51-year-old host asked if there is anyone who doesn't want the marriage to hold.

David is well known for his role in the movie "Grown-ups" which he joked about in the video. The actor was there to object, but luckily for the couple, it wasn't to oppose their wedding but instead, to complain that the couple seems a little too sober. David, therefore, asked for a drink which was provided for the husband and wife who took a shot of tequila each before the actor left the stage.

After pronouncing them husband and wife, Jimmy then asked the couple if they hired a wedding singer to which the couple replied "No."

The 51-year-old confessed to hiring a local singer for them. The "local singer" was the biggest surprise of the day. The couple, most especially the wife's reaction was as if she saw a ghost when Celine Dion started walking towards them. Celine who was revealed from behind a couple of set of doors performed her 1996 hit "Because You Loved Me."

Celine gradually makes her way to the stage while the couple starts dancing and the guests gasp with delight. After singing, she hugged the couple. Kimmel then asks David if he wants to sing to the pair, but of course, the funny actor joked while clutching to a great novelty beverage that "she sang the one I was gonna do."

The show was aired on YouTube two days after Dion announced she would release new music and embark on her first North American tour in more than a decade. The tour will kick off in Quebec City in September, coming after the Grammy-winner wraps her more than 15-year run in Las Vegas at the Colosseum at Caesars Palace.

About her recent weight loss, the 51-year-old told "Today" that she is loving every bit of it and she's not worried about the troll's negative comment. The singer who lost her husband Renee in 2016 stated that she lost the weight after taking up ballet classes which she now participates in, three times a week. To Dion, dance is and always will be her first love.

Dion announced the good news during a Facebook Live event late Wednesday.

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