Parents Outraged as Daughter Is Banned from Choosing President Trump for ‘Hero’ Project

Gracious Egedegbe
Apr 09, 2019
09:37 P.M.
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Long Island parents of a sixth-grader are outraged at a teacher who told their daughter that she couldn’t choose President Trump as her hero.


Arthur and Valerie Moscato are parents to 11-year-old Bella Moscato, a sixth-grader at the Samoset Middle School in Lake Ronkonkoma, Long Island.


Bella got assigned a “Hero” project at school, which involves writing a report about a personal hero, and she chose President Trump. Picking the President was not difficult for the young child, as she’s always idolized him.

According to her parents, when the 11-year-old was in third-grade, she appeared for a class project dressed as the billionaire President. Although little Bella was happy with her choice, her teacher found it inappropriate.

The teacher disliked the idea so much that the little girl was told to pick another candidate as in her opinion, the 45th President is a negative person who disrespects women; she suggested Bella use Obama instead.


The suggestion did not sit well with the sixth-grader, and before the school closed for the day, she called her mother, who got angry upon hearing the teacher’s comment.

Valerie viewed the comment as intimidating to censor her daughter’s choices. Arthur upon hearing it, got livid as he found it insulting that someone would tell his daughter that the President of the United States is not “Hero” material.

The aggrieved father took the issue before the school board, but they chose not to comment; they informed the Moscatos’ that the matter would be investigated.


In the meantime, the Superintendent of the Sachem School District, Dr. Kenneth Graham released a statement to “News 12.” He denied that the incident ever took place, and said that Bella is still carrying out her project on President Trump.

The statement only served to make the Moscatos' angrier, and they are not letting it go until they get an apology as “No one should make a child feel that way.”

A similar incident took place in a Texas school district. A seventh-grade teacher (name withheld), gave the class an assignment on an essay “Trump Against American Value” that passed the wrong message about the President.


Parents of the seventh-graders reacted in anger; they said teachers should be educators and not indoctrinators. A House of Representative member, Briscoe Cain took the matter up, calling for the sack of the teacher.

The publicity garnered led to the school getting threatening calls. The Superintendent of Goose Creek Consolidated Independent School District, Randall O’Brien, apologized on behalf of the unnamed teacher, stating that the essay was not intended to pass the wrong message and it will no longer be used to teach.