April 12, 2019

Single Mom Tired of Being Judged Because Son Doesn't Know Dad: 'Biology Isn’t What Makes a Family'

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Amy Nickell, a 28-year-old single mother, has slammed those who judge single moms, especially the ones who have no parenting experience. This was in response to people criticizing her because her son hasn't met his father.

Amy has had enough of people with zero parenting experience telling her what to do. The mother-of-one spoke out about the fact that her son, Freddy, doesn't know his dad, saying it wasn't her choice. She revealed the child’s dad had refused to father or finance him, and if any advice is to be given, it should be directed at him instead.


Speaking about her relationship with Freddy's dad, she said he bailed when she was three months pregnant and cut off all contacts. He decided not to father and not to be of help either.

Though Amy dreaded the "where is my dad?" question, she revealed that Freddy didn’t bother to ask of him until he was three, and she responded by saying,

“Well, only some families have daddies, and we haven’t got one.”

The boy was unperturbed by this, and simply moved on with his life. Just as some people have siblings and some do not, he understands that some have daddies and some don't.


She said:

"He knows some people do but that he doesn’t – and for now, he’s quite happy with that. Biology isn’t what makes a family."


The single mother criticized those who troll people like Kim Kardashian and Danielle Lloyd on social media because of their choices and parenting styles.

She also condemned Prince Harry for giving provoking parenting advice. She said he had no experience and shouldn't give advice since he wasn't a father yet. Indeed, it is impossible for a prince to know what it feels like to be a normal person, talkless of being a normal parent.


Amy shed more light into her story, saying, when she was pregnant, her child's father and his family insisted on aborting the baby, but she decided to keep it. Since she didn't go for their option, they never showed any concern for her and the kid.

Regardless of the absence of Freddy's father in his life, he has grown to become one cheerful little kid. The family of two seems happy as evidenced by the pictures. Perhaps Amy is right after all that biology isn't what makes a family.