Meghan Markle Reportedly Wants to ‘Have a Water Birth’ and the Couple Is ‘Grateful for Goodwill’

Meghan Markle is rejecting modern medicine just like she earlier rejected the royal physicians. She has decided to choose an alternative birthing technique as her due date draws nearer.

Meghan Markle since becoming a member of the Royal family has broken the rules and forged her path. From making personal decisions that appear to slight the Queen to breaking precedents, the Duchess of Sussex has won for herself admirers and haters.

The news making the rounds about Markle is her decision to ditch modern medicine and have a water birth. This is coming less than two weeks after she reportedly chose her team of physicians led by a woman, thereby breaking a tradition of over four decades.

A source close to Prince Harry and the expecting mother said that the Duchess is a homeopath, so the news of her choice was not surprising to those close to her.

The source added that the 37-year-old does not intend to be aided by drugs, undergo a cesarean, or do anything that goes against the natural order. Meghan's mind is made up, and the only thing that can change it is a medical emergency affecting mother and child.

It appears that everyone, including the Royal family, is toeing the line and respecting the Duke and Duchess' wishes. Kensington Palace released a statement showing its support for the couple's wishes, as the delivery date for the child dubbed "Baby Sussex" nears.

The Palace said the couple is very thankful to those in the U.K and around the world for the goodwill coming their way. It added that although the Prince and Markle have decided not to reveal details about the birth of their child, they are looking forward to sharing the news with everyone after they've celebrated as a family.

This means the soon-to-be mother and her husband are skipping the steps of the Lindo Wing. The former "Suits" star is reportedly using the Kensington Suite at the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, instead of her initial choice of giving birth at home.

The Hospital appears fit for royalty; it boasts of amenities and services that only a luxury hotel can provide. It costs about £8,000 ($14,000) per night, and have a team of highly-trained obstetricians, including Royal gynecologist, Guy Thorpe.

It also boasts of a fully equipped alternative birthing suite, which is the main attraction for the Duchess, and she has the testimony of her friends, George and Amal Clooney, to hold onto. As for privacy, the Kensington Suite is very private, and Markle can heal until she's ready to face the press.

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