Remember Notorious B.I.G.? His Son with Faith Evans Is All Grown Now & Launched a Cannabis Brand

Christopher Wallace, the son of the late rapper the Notorious B.I.G, recently announced his new business project: a social movement and company centered around cannabis.

CJ Wallace was five-months-old when his father was famously murdered in a drive-by shooting in Los Angeles back in March 1997.

Notorious B.I.G. stands at the 1995 Billboard Music Awards December 6, 1995. | Source: GettyImages

Notorious B.I.G. stands at the 1995 Billboard Music Awards December 6, 1995. | Source: GettyImages

Despite not getting to know the man who gave him life, CJ learned everything about his dad thanks to his mother, Faith Evans, his sister T'yanna, his paternal family, and even some of his father’s most famous friends.

Through his search to understanding the man behind the legend, CJ discovered that his father was an avid cannabis user.

"We were a musical family. We just loved being around that whole process. And cannabis was always part of the process.”

Biggie used to rap about weed often. In his 1993 hit song, “Party and Bulls**t,” he mentioned that “smoking blunts was a daily routine,” and according to Wallace, Biggie’s weed use started in his early years.

“I got to talk to my uncle...I think he was actually the first person my dad smoked weed with, and I found out that we actually smoked weed around the same age. I was 16," Wallace recalled in an interview with Esquire.

And added:

"His first experience was way cooler than mine, in Jamaica. You know, in his homeland. I can only imagine the experience that he had. And he was with family, so he was probably very comfortable."

As he tries to keep his father’s legacy alive, CJ Wallace, alongside co-founders Willie Mack and Todd Russaw, has now launched Think BIG, a social movement and company centered around cannabis and its ability to improve "creativity, contemplation, and healing."

The first product of the company, made in collaboration with Lowell Herb Co., it’s called “The Frank White Creative Blend,” as a nod to Biggie's iconic "Frank White" alter-ego.

It consists of a pre-roll pack made from "signature sun-grown California cannabis, custom blended with Orange Sherbet, Banjo, and Rattlesnake Sour Diesel."

But Wallace and his associates are not just entering the weed industry for giggles. They’re hoping to help de-stigmatize marijuana and its uses and join the efforts to improve the criminal justice reform, which is why a portion of the proceeds will benefit California's Prison Arts Project.

For CJ, marijuana has been part of his life since he can remember.

When Faith Evans signed with the Bad Boy label, Wallace remembers living in one of the wealthiest areas in Atlanta and being neighbors with stars like Whitney Houston, Bobby Brown, and Usher.

“People were always in and out of our crib. We had this dope studio in the basement, and me and my brother and my sister, we were music heads,” he said. “We were a musical family. We just loved being around that whole process. And cannabis was always part of the process.”

Talking about his tribute to Biggie, CJ revealed that he’d always been inspired and intrigued by the figure of his dad’s alter-ego, Frank White, and he couldn’t think of a better time to explore it.

Wallace also talked about the importance of advocating for the legalization of cannabis in the country, and he didn’t hold back when calling out the big companies that are getting rich while turning a blind eye on the injustices of the system.

“We talk about this almost every day now,” he said. And continued:

“Just every other brand that's out there, if they don't have a criminal justice angle, they're doing a huge disservice to everybody. Everybody has, or should have, a responsibility to speak on that and do as much as they can to correct those wrongs.”

CJ hopes to expand his brand and is thinking big, indeed. He mentioned he wants to collaborate with artists like Diddy and Jay-Z.

“But you know, we want to make sure it's done right. So, you know, we've got some great ideas coming,” he concluded.

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