Hoda Kotb Shares Very First Family Photo with Baby Hope as They Celebrate Easter Together

Hoda Kotb has recently celebrated her first Easter with daughters Hope Catherine and Haley Joy, a moment that she couldn't help but share on Instagram.

On Sunday, April 21, 2019, the "Today Show" co-host took to the social media platform to show her fans and followers the new addition to the family.

In one of the photos posted by Kotb, she can be seen posing next to Haley and Joel Schiffman, her boyfriend, who was feeding the baby girl in his arms.


Kotb used the words "This is us" to caption the photo, a statement that shows how in love she is with her family and the happiness that they find in each other.

The 54-year-old also shared a picture of her mother, Sameha, cradling her granddaughter in her arms with a bright smile on her face.

The family seemed to have had a blast on Sunday, especially Haley, who colored a few eggs with Kotb, with the patient mother helping her with the dyes.

Hoda Kotb has recently celebrated her first Easter with daughters Hope Catherine and Haley Joy


While Kotb adopted Haley back in 2017, she only managed to adopt Hope last week, and even dropped a hint on Instagram by posting the words "Choose Hope" in front of a beautiful clouded sky.

The co-host official broke the news the following day with a photo of herself holding the baby girl and with Halley sitting next to them looking particularly adorable.


During a segment of the "Today Show with Hoda and Jenna," the proud mother-of-two called in to tell Jenna Hager Bush and Savannah Guthrie a little bit about the 2-month-old girl and the meaning behind her name.

According to Kotb, she and Schiffman chose Hope because there are a lot of women out there who are hoping for the day they become mothers, and Catherine in honor of her best friend, Karen Swensen's, daughter.

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