Jaleel White Shows His Father-Daughter Bond with Samaya in New Photo

The name Jaleel White might ring a bell. Yes, you guessed right, he acted as Steve Urkel in the hit sitcom "Family Matters." The actor who seems to live a private life now is still active on his Instagram account. Jaleel recently shared a series of pictures of him and his "lookalike" 10-year-old daughter Samaya.

The actor was on daddy duties, and he decided to take his adorable little girl to the beach to have fun. The duo could be seen in the images having a good time as they both couldn't stop smiling and laughing. Samaya also looked adorable in her white jacket, black trousers, and Nike shoes.  

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n o l o t i o n S a t u r d a y

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One detail that caught most's eyes is how tall the young girl looks. Samaya's height is now even more noticeable since she looks taller than most children her age, and her father also had to mention it in his comment where he stated that she might end up being taller than him, and the actor might just be correct. 

"When they try charging you for kisses ? I think she might end up taller than me. Dayum." — Jaleel White captioned the image.


The 42-year-old actor loves spending time with his beautiful daughter who looks like him and sometimes the duo do "rock" coordinated outfits during outings. Recently the father-daughter duo was spotted in New Mexico where Jaleel was working on a new movie. The 10-year-old cutie is the daughter Jaleel had with his ex-wife Bridget Hardy. 

The couple got married in 2006, but their union only lasted three years. Jaleel who was born on November 27, 1976, in Pasadena, California, USA is famously known for his role as Steve Urkel on the sitcom "Family Matters." 

The character, (Steve Urkel) which was only intended to be a one-time guest appearance, was an instant hit with audiences and he became a regular cast member of the show. After "Family Matters" ended, White went ahead to act in other various movies and TV shows such as "Grown-ups," his appearance as the voice of Sonic the Hedgehog in the animated shows: "Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog," "Sonic SatAM," and "Sonic Underground." 

He later attended UCLA where he graduated with a degree in film and television.

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