Barry Weiss in ICU after a ‘Serious’ Motorcycle Accident

“Storage Wars” star, Barry Weiss, got into a motorcycle accident and ended up in the ICU with broken bones. A video of the crash was taken by his friend, Jamie.

Barry Weiss, “Storage Wars” actor, was involved in a severe motorcycle accident which resulted in broken bones and internal injuries on Wednesday, according to TMZ. He was immediately rushed to an L.A. hospital and is presently at the ICU.

The incident happened in the Los Feliz area as he was with his friend, riding around. The two smashed into the back of a car, pulling out from a parking space without looking behind. The accident was a result of negligence from one of the parties, and not the influence of drugs or alcohol.

The 68-year-old reality star, who was on seasons one to four of “Storage Wars” and on the spinoff of “Barry’s Treasure,” is out of critical condition and in the process of recovery.

His friend, Jamie, was able to take a clip of the following events after the accident occurred and posted it on his Instagram account.

Weiss is a hard-working professional who radiates positivity towards his colleagues, sharing an interest in classic cars and war relics. According to A&E:

“Barry is always looking for an out-of-the-box approach to get his next score, and he lacks no shame in his outlandish tactics. You can always look to Barry for the great one-liners; he’s never one to bite his tongue.”

After his time in “Barry’d Treasure,” Weiss stayed out of the spotlight and went on a social media hiatus, leading people to speculate the actor passed away. However, he was just living his best life and doing what he loved to do.

In 2017, TMZ reported that the reality star was being a “professional slacker,” which he loved and enjoyed, as opposed to competing in the series.

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