Rapper Eastwood on Lisa 'Left Eye' Lopes' Last Days

Rapper Eastwood shared his memories of working with deceased singer Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes.

Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes' senseless death still haunts rapper Eastwood, who was collaborating with her just three days before her death.

Lopes, who was one-third of the hip-hop-soul girl group TLC, died in a car accident in Honduras on at the age of 30, on April 25, 2002.


Eastwood opened up on the 17th anniversary of Left Eye's death and revealed that he was working with her on her second solo album,  "N.I.N.A." 

"What was it like working with Left Eye before she passed? (...) When Left Eye finally came and signed to the label as Nina, it was time for her to do her album. She was going to put out her album within two months after she signed, so we had to hurry up and get it done. Suge asked her who she wanted to write with on her album, and she said me and Crooked I. It was hella dope that she threw me in there," Eastwood said.


Eastwood worked with Left Eye on her last song with TLC, “Girl Talk.”

"I wrote her verse on there. If you go back and listen to it, you’ll hear me respond to her in the beginning of that verse. This happened three days before she passed," Eastwood said.

"Girl Talk" was a hit for TLC, and the video was dedicated to as a tribute to Left Eye.


Eastwood admits that he was shattered by Left Eye's death, especially since he'd been working so closely with her on her "N.I.N.A." album.

"I was very hurt — more so for her, her grind and her family. She put in so much work and deserved so much more life to live. That was a big L for us. But for me to be able to share the front page of the XXL Magazine with her and write her very last single before she passed, and to work on 99.5% of her album with her, and to see her in good spirits, and to soak up this game — I thank her. That was a blessing from her and a blessing from God."

Left Eye revealed that she had grown up with an abusive and alcoholic father, a former Army staff sergeant who subjected his children to a military-like regime.


There was one more connection between Left Eye and Eastwood, besides their passion for music - their relationship with Tupac Shakur.

Left Eye had a close telephone friendship with Tupak, whom she only met in person three times because he lived in California, and she lived in Atlanta.; and Eastwood had had the privilege to record with Tupac.

Eastwood is not insensitive to the irony of having worked and lost with two of rap's greatest legends before their untimely demise, and speaks of the opportunities as "God's Blessing."


Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes was very open about her troubled family life. , 

Left Eye revealed that she had grown up with an abusive and alcoholic father, a former Army staff sergeant who subjected his children to a military-like regime.

In the documentary Left Eye was shooting just a month before her death, Left Eye revealed that her father would often make the young Lisa and her sister wake up at 3 am and line up like soldiers.

Left Eye attributed her childhood abuse for making her subject herself to the physical and emotional abuse of her longtime boyfriend, Andre Rison.

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