Why Jamie Lee Curtis' Father Cut Her and 4 Other Children out of His Will

It was always known to close friends of the family that Jamie Lee Curtis and her father, Tony Curtis, were never close. Jamie occasionally speaks about their rift in interviews while he was still alive, but her chat with the show "The Talk" in 2010, finally takes the cake.

The American actress spoke about her dysfunctional family and surprisingly dropped a few bombs. It will be her first interview since her legendary father died at the age of 85, from a heart attack in September 2010.

The actress and author said:

“Children, as we all know, can be messy. He was not a father, and he was not interested in being a father.” 

Jamie pointed out that she was not particularly upset about their estranged relationship. 

“He did what he was supposed to do from a financial standpoint, which was honorable of him but he was not an involved father.” Jamie Lee 

Her words were probably to clarify the rumor that the Hollywood Legend, Tony Curtis excluded Jamie and her siblings from his several wills drafted throughout the latter years of his life.

According to the author, Tony was just never around, especially after her parents divorced when she was only three years old. Curtis was a well-known womanizer, who enjoyed high profile girlfriends like Natalie Wood and Marilyn Monroe; he was married six different times.

According to Lee, “the invention of Tony Curtis was his life.”

She also believes being in the army had changed him. After the Japanese surrendered in Tokyo Bay, Tony switched his name, his life, and that was the turning point.

During his funeral service, Lee surprised everyone when she got emotional and started to cry while paying tribute to her late father. She described him as “A little mashugana (the Yiddish word for crazy)but always full of life.”

“We are evidence of him. We walk the walk led by him. All of us got something from him, I, of course, got his desperate need for attention, ” said Jamie.

Tony Curtis fathered six children all through his lifetime.

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