Blake Shelton Shares What He's Drinking on 'The Voice'

Ra'eesah Manack
May 01, 2019
07:21 P.M.
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"The Voice" coach Blake Shelton posted a video to Twitter revealing and answering fans' most-asked question about him. He revealed that fans were most curious about what he drank during the show.


The secret is out! After 16 seasons, Blake Shelton finally revealed what he drinks on the set of the NBC reality show "The Voice."

Throughout the competition, the veteran coach is seen toting a large glass on the arm of his chair. All of the other coaches also have their own cups.


However, Blake's cup caught the eye of fans over the years. He has only left his cup's side once over the years; during SandyRedd's explosive Blind Audition.

At the time Blake offered his cup as a sacrifice on stage. Most of the time the country crooner is seen sneaking sips from his signature glass.


Thus fans have been dying to know what he is drinking. Since "The Voice" first premiered almost a decade ago, viewers have speculated over the possibilities.

Someone posted the question in 2013 on Twitter before going as far as pointing out there's "no way that's water." Another fan mused about the infamous cup in 2016 and then again last season a fan begged for an answer again.


The country-singing coach is well aware of the mystery around his drink of choice. However, he has sidestepped the issue until now.

"One of the number one questions I get asked every week is, 'What are you drinking on the show?'" he said in a video posted to Twitter. "I'm tired of the question, so I'm just gonna show you what I'm drinking."


Blake revealed that while filming "The Voice" he  drinks a combination of Smithworks vodka, Sprite, and "something called ice." In the video, he went on to roast his co-star Adam Levine.

The jibe comes just days after Levine and Shelton bickered awkwardly during the show’s “Live Cross Battles” second round. Levine received massive backlash from fans who felt the singer had been unnecessarily rude to his co-host.

“Hey guys, Sorry. I just hate him, that’s all,” said Levine as a comeback to one of Shelton's comments during their bickering.

The usual chuckles and cheers that swarm the studio replaced with awkward silence from the audience.