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May 07, 2019

Bea Arthur’s Son Opens up about Late Mom's Alleged Feud with Her 'Nemesis' Betty White

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It has been ten whole years since the death of the highly loved and adored Golden Girl, Bea Arthur. Her son was in an interview recently and shared some never known facts about his mother including her rumored feud with co-star Betty White.

Matthew Saks was in an interview with FOX NEWS recently and took time to talk about his late mom, Bea Arthur, renowned for her role in the famous sitcom “The Golden Girls,” a name that she became affiliated with afterward.

Actor Matthew Settle attends the alice + olivia launch party at Saks Fifth Avenue on March 18, 2010 | Photo: Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images


One issue that Saks shed more light on was Bea’s feud with her co-star, Betty White, with many believing the two hated each other.

Saks believes that though his mother had problems with Betty, she liked her and never hated her as many people tend to believe.

He emphasized this point with a saying by Bernard Shaw which stated that it was fun to hate one’s neighbors, adding that everyone needs that one person who is capable of getting under our skin.

Actress Betty White and Bea Arthur signs copies of "The Golden Gilrs Season 3" DVD at Barnes & Noble | Photo: Brad Barket/Getty Images


Saks also explained further that his mom and Betty had contrasting acting styles which are highlighted by their different backgrounds, with Bea coming from a New York Stage point of view while Betty came from a television point of view.

Bea Arthur died at the age of 86 on the 25th of April, 2009. She was a highly respected figure in the world of television with her great skills in comedy and her great husky voice.


She was famous for her roles in the sitcoms, “Maude” and “The Golden Girls.” Though very famous, Saks said his mom meant the world to him and also revealed that she always found joy whenever she was on stage.

Despite her fame, Bea remained unfazed by the Hollywood spotlight and lived a quiet life, never seen in the spotlight but staying indoors with her closest friends and family.


"The Golden Girls" was quite a show to watch back in the days. After making its debut in 1985, the sitcom went on to achieve legendary status. There are quite a few unknown facts about the show that have remained hidden from many, well until now.

For example, NBC was against the casting of Bea Arthur as a member of the show due to their fears over her ratings back then. As things would turn out, it is great to see that they changed their minds.