See Every Royal Baby's Debut for the Past Decade

Royal babies have debuted with their parents days after they were born for the past years. Photos from the past decade show the memorable moments royals were introduced to the world.

It is a tradition for every royal couple to make a debut appearance with their newborn, introducing the baby to the world. The most recent birth was of Baby Sussex last Monday, followed by his appearance with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle on Wednesday at St. George’s Hall in Windsor Castle, the same venue where they had their wedding reception.

“It’s magic. It’s pretty amazing. I have the best two guys in the world, so I’m really happy,” said Markle during the appearance.

The former American actress wore a white sleeveless dress, while Harry wore a gray suit paired with a navy blue tie while cradling their son in his arms.

Prince William and Catherine Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, also introduced their first son on the steps of St. Mary’s Hospital the day after his birth. The two were matching in a light blue polka dot dress for Middleton, and a striped button down for William.

Likewise, their first daughter was also presented on the same steps shortly after her birth. Middleton wore a Jenny Packham dress while carrying their newborn in a bonnet, a gift from nanny Maria Borrallo. William stood by her side in a blue sweater, flashing a smile at the cameras.

Middleton wore another Jenny Packham dress during the debut of their third baby, seven hours after birth. The dress paid tribute to what Princess Diana wore when she welcomed Harry.

In 1982, Diana and Prince Charles also appeared exiting St. Mary’s Hospital in Paddington after William was born. He was the first future heir who did not have a home birth, and instead at a hospital. 

Three years after, the royal couple had Harry and made his debut on the same steps of the hospital where Diana wore a bright red dress, similar to that of Middleton.

“Charles always wanted a girl. He wanted two children, and he wanted a girl. I knew Harry was a boy, and I didn’t tell him,” said Diana to Andrew Morton, her biographer.

Queen Elizabeth’s youngest son, Edward, and his wife Sophie, also debuted their first daughter, Louise on November 3. Sophie experienced an emergency cesarean operation due to premature birth, which was missed by Edward who was in a state visit that time.

Princess Anne, the only daughter of the Queen, had her son with Captain Mark Phillips at St. Mary’s hospital. Her children were not given royal titles under their mother’s choice, making them the first royals to be born without them in the past 500 years. 

Unlike the past appearances made hours or days after the child’s delivery, the Queen’s appearance with her eldest son came four weeks after he was born, during his christening.

News about the Queen not liking the recent royal mother, Markle, has been surfacing for some time. However, co-host of “The View,” Whoopi Goldberg, subtly shut down the rumors saying that the Queen actually likes Markle. 

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