Multiple People Hospitalized after Gas Station Explosion

Four adults were rushed to a Virginia hospital earlier today after an explosion Friday morning left residents in shock. 

The cause of the explosion is still unknown and authorities are on the scene of the incident. The fire has since been extinguished. 

One person has died but that figure is expected to rise as five people are still missing.


The cause of the explosion on Old Buena Vista Road, Virginia, does not appear to be suspicious in nature, according to the local sheriff.  

He added that the explosion happened shortly after 9:50 local time and that emergency services and first responders rushed to the scene without delay. 

Investigators at the scene are proceeding with the utmost caution due to safety concerns after sections of the gas station collapsed. 


NY Daily News confirmed that apart from the injured residents, one person has died but that figure is expected to rise as five people are still missing. 

Shocking footage taken at the scene and shared with news agencies show the gas station still burning, surrounded by charred vehicles. The county sheriff told ABC News: 

"Authorities are working to account for all the individuals that may have been located in the building at the time of the explosion."

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