Randy Travis and Wife Mary Open up about His Near-Fatal Stroke

In a touching interview on the "Today" show, country music legend, Randy Travis and his wife, Mary Davis, open up about the stroke that almost took his life and his struggles.

Randy Travis and his wife, Mary Davis, sat with Jenna Bush Hager on the "Today' show to talk about the near-fatal stroke he suffered six years ago and the challenge of recovery.

Travis ended up in the hospital after suffering from a stroke brought on by congestive heart failure. He was in a coma for five and a half months, and Davis, his fiancée at the time, stood by him through it all.

The doctors informed her he had only a 1% chance at survival, and she told Hager she prayed for a sign to continue the country singer's life support. The sign came when the 60-year-old squeezed her hand, and a tear fell from his eyes, and Davis recalls she went to the doctor and said, "We are fighting this."

The "Storms of Life" singer underwent brain surgery and had to learn how to walk and talk again. Two years after the ordeal, he married the woman who stood by him in 2015.

When Hager mentioned that his wife is pretty strong, the six-time Grammy winner responded "Yes," and they both confirmed it was love at first sight. The couple equally spoke on the Country Hall of Fame 2016 inductee's new book titled "Forever and Ever, Amen: A Memoir of Music, Faith, and Braving the Storms of Life."

The book chronicles his successful career, his struggle with alcoholism, and his financial problems. Davis explained that her husband always owns up to his mistakes and wants readers to know that in life, there are good and bad times, and one has to rise above them.

In an interview with "Taste of Country," Travis shed more light on the financial problems discussed in the book. The singer explained the shock he felt with his wife when he discovered that he had no disability insurance.

The iconic singer also spoke on not having his voice insured by Lloyd's Insurance as he thought, not receiving royalties check from his record label, Warner Brothers, and discovering that his investment account had no money.

He blamed himself for his financial mess, and for allowing others to make decisions for him without fully understanding what they were about and doing his due diligence.

It's no surprise that the "Are We in Trouble Now?" singer found himself in such a situation. Travis didn't go beyond 9th grade, and the only other kind of education he had was on the street.

He got into a lot of trouble as a teenager after moving from Marshville to Nashville to pursue music. He got saved by Elizabeth Hatcher who took him in and gave him a job as a cook in her nightclub. Hatcher later became his manager and wife; they got divorced in 2010.

Travis still has a long way to full recovery, but with Davis by his side, he will continue to have the strength to fight through the pain and the tears, as it “Makes all the difference in the world.”

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