Chris Brown's Daughter Tries Snapchat's Gender Swap Filter & Looks like His Twin (Photo)

The social media app "Snapchat" is making a comeback thanks to their new filters that allow people to look like the opposite sex. The new feature is becoming a huge hit to many, including celebrities like Chris Brown who decided to try it out on his own daughter. 

Royalty looked like her dad's twin after she was photographed with the hilarious filter, with her facial features transforming to that of a man. While it may seem entertaining for the doting dad, Loyalty did not seem pleased as she kept a straight face for the photo. 

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It's not just Loyalty that was shocked though, as while it was entertaining for Chris, it was also scary. 


A Different Man

Although people can say a lot of things about Chris Brown and the way he's lived his life, he becomes a whole different person when it comes to his daughter, Royalty. Royalty was a game changer for Chris, as she is now his motivation to work hard and do everything well. 

His life changed on May 27, 2014, when Royalty was born. At first, there were doubts that he was his daughter, but when a DNA test confirmed it, he embraced life as a father. 

When all the legal disputes between Chris and Royalty's mom, Nia, were settled, the judge handling their case granted Chris custody over their daughter for 12 days a month. He also continues to pay $2500 for child support every month. 

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Now, Royalty is well-loved by both her parents, and the two of them work hand-in-hand to make sure their daughter gets nothing but the best. After all, at the end of the day, they only want what's best for their daughter. 

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