Border Patrol Agent Jumps into River to Rescue a Migrant Boy Drowning in Its Strong Waters

Border Patrol agents rescued a seven-year-old Hispanic boy as he tried to cross the US-Mexico border through the Rio Grande on Friday.

The underage boy from Honduras, almost drowned trying to cross aboard an inflatable pool for children, near Eagle Pass, Texas.

New photos capture the dramatic rescue of the seven-year-old Honduran boy who nearly drowned last Friday in the Rio Grande, which separates EE. UU and Mexico. Finally, the boy was assisted by Border Patrol that took him out of the water.

The small boats in which the migrants traveled were turned over. Finally, the border agents helped the group get out of the water and then put them in custody. The nine migrants survived.

The waters of the river run strongly between Eagle Pass (Texas) and Piedras Negras (Mexico). At the beginning of May, an adult and three children were dragged trying to cross the river. A 10-month-old baby was found dead. The other three remain missing.

The river is grown by spring rains, which has increased the risk of crossing it precisely when a record number of asylum seekers try to reach the US border.

The agents have arrested more than 200,000 migrants at the US border and Mexico in the last two months. According to this newspaper, in the sector of Del Rio, the Border Patrol has made 370 rescues so far this fiscal year, compared to 31 rescued the previous year.

Officer Bryan Kemmett, head of this Border Patrol station, told the American newspaper that migrants are encouraged by smugglers to cross the river in these risk conditions. "It really is a humanitarian crisis," he said.

According to the note, other accidents have occurred before with migrants where children have been drowned or disappeared in their attempt to enter the United States.

Customs and Border Protection data has revealed that daily attempts by undocumented immigrants to cross into the United States from Mexico have risen over the past month. The numbers surpassed daily averages that have not been seen since 2006.

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