Mo'Nique Comes to Steve Harvey's Defense After He Loses Two Shows (Video)

Monica Otayza
May 18, 2019
12:34 A.M.
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Mo'Nique defends Steve Harvey after losing two of his biggest shows. This comes after haters have called it "karma" for his recent feud with the comedian.


Mo'Nique's feud with Steve Harvey and Lee Daniels were once heavily publicized, and people thought that bridges have been burned between Mo'Nique and Steve.


However, now that he's lost two of his shows, "Little Big Shots" and "Steve," she decided to defend him and question why people often celebrate others' failures.

Defending Steve Harvey

In her latest podcast alongside her husband, Mo'Nique shared that she's been seeing a lot of hateful comments towards Steve Harvey after he lost his shows. She said that in any case, this is not right.


"Why do we celebrate people's failures? Let me be clear about something. Let us be clear about something. We do not celebrate what appears to be someone else’s demise. We do not stand and applaud, and say: ‘Yeah, look what’s happening. That’s what you get.’ That’s not what we’re coming from; that’s not the stance we’ve ever taken. So what I would ask y’all to do is, we’ve gotta love our folks through it.”

Coming to her own defense

After defending Steve, she made sure to clear the air before people start calling her crazy for calling Steve out one minute, to defending him.


“I know some people will say, ‘Mo’Nique is crazy; one minute, she saying they didn’t do her right; the next minute, she saying love’m through it, let me tell you exactly what we’re saying…”

She said that sometimes, it's all about karma and not experiencing what we're wishing upon other people. After all, losing one's job unexpectedly is never a good thing, regardless of who it is.

“Some people, when they lose those jobs, their bills don’t get paid. Their situations and things that happen…because you’re used to making that money, and now it’s being taken away … and some of us are standing up and saying ‘Yaaay (applauding)’ … if we continue to do that, we’ll continue to be treated the way that we’re treated.”

It's all about respect.