Meghan Markle Slammed for Using a Similar Style for Her Mother's Day Picture as Kylie Jenner

Mothers across the world celebrated Mother’s Day on May 12 and one Royal also had the pleasure of celebrating the day for the first time. Duchess Meghan took to Instagram with a picture of her newborn’s feet.

While many people found Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor’s image to be adorable and cute, a few others slammed Duchess Meghan for it. Some people accused her of stealing the photos’ style idea from Kylie Jenner.

Comedian Gary Janetti might have been the one responsible for sparking the backlash. He’s been recently known for making jokes about the Royal family on Instagram.

On one of his posts, Janetti shared a screenshot of Archie’s foot photo next to Jenner's baby announcement post from February last year. In both close-ups, the children’s eyes and faces were obscured.

In Jenner’s image, her child was pictured holding her thumb. The images were not alike, but some people thought the style that was used was very similar.

Agreeing with Janetti’s take an Instagram user named uxbearies replied to the post writing: “Thought I was viewing Kardashian post.” Someone with the handle lucy1__93 added: “Meghan is obsessed with celebrity. Being a royal is not about drawing attention to benefit yourself. It’s about serving the people. Meghan serves only herself; that’s why she is so unlikeable and comes across as disingenuous.”

Another social media user with the handle mzivex wrote: "Even the same nail polish?! I thought both pictures are of the same baby!" Someone named ceuazurr explained Janetti’s post to a user who was confused.

The person wrote: “@cee1608 He's making fun of Megan because she used Kylie's pic as inspiration.” Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan welcomed their first child on May 6.

Archie is now seventh in line to the British throne, and may officially be named a Royal if his great-grandmother, the Queen, sees it fit.

To celebrate their one-year wedding anniversary, the Royal couple took to their personal Instagram account with a video that featured intimate unseen behind-the-scenes images from their wedding last year in May. The pair got married on May 19 last year.