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'Criminal Minds' Cast Brings Tears to the Eyes as They Share Farewell Photos

Jaimie-lee Prince
May 20, 2019
05:30 P.M.
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The time has come for the cast and crew of "Criminal Minds" to say their farewells. Fortunately (or unfortunately), fans won't have to do so until 2020. Still, the cast is already shedding their tears on social media.


Recently, fans learned that their favorite show will be premiering its final season in 2020. Along with the bittersweet news, they also got hit with a ton of social media posts from their favorite cast members.

Aisha Tyler shared a sweet "all in" photo of the cast's hands as they wore matching "Criminal Minds" rings. She accompanied it with a lengthy caption that started off by describing her last day of taping as "surreal."


Though many of the cast members have had years to do so, Tyler said they were still trying to "make as many memories" as they could in the 12 hours they had left. They shared long hugs and exchanged thanks.

Joe Mantegna widened the final scenes for us by sharing a picture of the last table read where everyone sat somberly in a large room. "Last read through. Bittersweet day. We all knew it couldn't go on forever, but we tried," he captioned it.


Mantegna also shared a picture of him and his stunt double geared up in FBI bullet vests. "Are you seeing double?" he asked in the caption.


But Tyler wasn't done. The star shared another photo of her and Matthew Gray Gubler, as well as more pictures from the final table read. She and Gubler wore jumpsuits to what was the "first day of taping the last episode of 'Criminal Minds.' "

Tyler said that during her four-year run on the show, she "laughed and cried and hugged and yelled and [grew] so much in the company of these brilliant people."


A.J. Cook also gave her goodbyes by sharing a few photos of her and her castmates on set. There was one of her and Montegna, one with Tyler, and another with Daniel Henney.


Gubler joined in the farewells with a series of close-ups showing the cast sitting together and their hands holding on to each other. "Based on our hands you can probably profile that we don’t want to let each other go," the actor wrote.


He also posted a shot of him slurping a drink alongside Tyler and Cook. The post, which also included a shot of several members of the cast, was cleverly captioned:

"Slurping up every last minute of joy with this magical family."


Back in April, Gubler sat down with Parade to talk about his feelings as the show's filming neared its end. He described the final 10 episodes as "the strongest episodes of [the] entire series."

Regarding the approaching closure, he confessed:

"We haven’t said it, but we’re starting to get the feeling of what it’s going to be like. I’m starting to realize like, 'Whoa, this might be the last time my character says four pages of factual information in a quick manner.' I’m like, 'Oh, my gosh.' "


Gubler said it was bittersweet and compared the show's end to someone visiting their 110-year-old grandfather who dies within a year after. Though he lived a great life, you still hate to see him go.

Indeed, "Criminal Minds" fans would prefer if the show went on endlessly, but all good things must come to an end. We hope they're holding up well, or at least better than the cast.