‘Blue Bloods’ Fans Unhappy over the Controversial Finale

Several fans of the hit series, “Blue Bloods,” expressed disappointment over its much talked about finale.

On Twitter, the producers of the procedural police drama shared photos from the scene where Jamie Reagan and Eddie Janko tie the knot.

“Yes I was very disappointed would have loved a 2hr episode so we could have seen a full wedding.”   

Fans quickly slammed the producers for not airing the full #Jamko wedding in the Season 9 finale, “Something Blue.”

“If the objective of the season finale was for the show to lose the trust of its audience then congratulations you've achieved it the episode was shot edited and ready to air yet you still did weeks of promotion promising a wedding knowing full well there wouldn't be one you lied,” commented user Dave Lynch.  

Another avid viewer replied to the Blue Bloods’ post, “Yes I was very disappointed would have loved a 2hr episode so we could have seen a full wedding.”  

Another fan wrote: “What sucks the most is I am actually saying this about one of my favorite shows! I love Blue Bloods! I will continue watching & supporting it, just so very disappointed! Just don’t understand how you can promote the crap out of something, you had no intention of showing!”

The finale did not show “Jamko” exchange I Do’s as the finale scene faded to black on Jamie’s smile. It left fans desperate to see a longer wedding scene.

Eddie and Jamie became partners in Season 4. Their chemistry quickly became apparent to fans, who then coined the nickname, “Jamko.”

They tried to keep their relationship professional at first, although they were falling for one another.

When Jamie saved Eddie’s life in the Season 8 finale, they finally gave in to their feelings.

The “disappointing” Season 9 finale calls to mind the shocked reactions from fans to the Season 8 finale, after a character was killed within its first minutes.

The opening scene showed Erin Reagan and boss, District Attorney Monica Graham walking outside and getting attacked with gunshots. Graham was fatally shot.

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