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Felicity Huffman's TV Son Praises Her for Being 'Sincere' Amid College Admissions Scandal

Joe Akins
May 23, 2019
10:44 A.M.
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Charlie Carver, who is popularly regarded as Felicity Huffman’s TV son, has come out to support the veteran actress amidst the ongoing admissions scandal that has threatened to ruin her career.


The media was upturned when news broke that Felicity Huffman and a few other celebrities bribed officials to get their children into college. Termed the “college admissions scandal,” it has proven to be a very rough phase for the actress.



Just recently, Huffman pleaded guilty in court expressing great remorse for her terrible actions. The award-winning star can be sentenced to four months in jail if the court deems it so.

A significant fraction of netizens and fellow actors have come out to laud her remorseful display, and her famous TV son, Carver, is no exception. He went to great lengths to defend the 56-year-old beauty while speaking in an interview with Daily Mail.

He said:

“I think she's an admirable woman and as sincere as she could be and mistakes are mistakes... I love her with all my heart.” 


Carver and Huffman starred in the famous American TV series, “Desperate Housewives.” Carver played the adorable son of Huffman’s character, Lynette Scavo, in the drama.


Coming out to boldly stand by her side is something surprising as no one thought they shared such a strong bond other than being co-workers. His recent statement in light of Huffman's admittance of guilt has proven the strength of their relationship.


The highly feted actress Huffman did nothing to keep her offenses hidden and only came clean tearfully admitting she paid some $15,000 to falsify her teenage daughter Sophia's SAT results. Her bold actions have Carver awestruck as he told DailyMailTV he is “really proud of how she's taken ownership of what happened.”


His words do seem reasonable, especially after Huffman’s emotional breakdown in court as she explained that her child had a difficult time writing exams and that her daughter has been seeing a neuropsychologist since she was little. This honest demeanor has touched the hearts of millions.


Ever the doting mother, she defended her daughter saying the youngster had no clue that she paid to get her exams fixed.

Huffman makes the most recent parent that admitted to the charges after Gordon Caplan, Bruce, and Davina Isackson did the same some time ago. The college admissions scandal involves parents who paid admission consultants to guarantee their wards admission into elite universities either by inflating their SAT scores or as fake athletic recruits.

Quite a number of parents have been implicated, with some of them paying huge amounts to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars. Some parents have pleaded guilty while some others maintain that they did no such thing. If convicted, the penalty may be as high as doing time in prison.