LPBW's Audrey Roloff’s Comment on Tori’s Pregnancy Reveal Post Raises Questions

For the past 14 years, fans have been closely following the lives of the Roloffs. They have laughed and cried all these years watching the happy and authentic family through the reality show ‘Little People, Big World’.

Joys like the weddings of the boys and the Roloff girl, the birth of Roloff babies and sad moments like the removals or the divorce of Amy and Matt. The fans have not been disappointed this season with the changes in their lives.

With two babies on the way a few months apart, the followers of the reality were very attentive to changes in the lives of both couples, adjusting their homes for the arrival of the little Roloff.

Then we were able to enjoy the happiness of the births of the babies and the absolute fascination they caused in Amy and Matt, along with the other relatives and friends. They are a completely adorable baby boy and a baby girl.

Both couples commented during this time that they planned to enlarge their families. They all come from middle-size families with more than two children, although neither of the couples talked about the number of children they planned to have.

With little Jackson growing up and running through Roloff Farm, it has been a surprise to see the announcement made by Tori and Zachary through his official Instagram account that they are in the sweet wait.

The new baby Roloff will arrive in November of this year and to the delight of her parents and grandparents, she is a girl. So Tori and Zachary will have a boy and girl couple. Little Jackson appears in the photographs shared by his mother with a nice shirt with the words: Big Brother.

The reactions of friends and family were immediate. Highlights the comment of Audrey, the wife of the twin brother of Zach, who despite having the phone number of his sister-in-law and being able to congratulate her directly, chose to write a comment in the announcement post published by Tori.

“Wahoooooo CANT WAIT FOR THE GIRLSIES TO HANGGGGG. I'm so happy for you Tori!” wrote Audrey with several emoticons with heart-shaped eyes and many kisses. Remember that Audrey and Jeremy have a beautiful girl named Ember, she is a one-year-old like her cousin Jackson and both are out of the show.

In the lovely session of photographs that Tori shared there is also an image of the couple holding an ultrasound. And in the positive comments that the announcement received the grandfather Matt also expressed his joy commenting: "Grandpa is hitting the lotto!!"

We can’t ignore that Audrey received comments about whether she is expecting a new baby as well as the previous time. Jeremy and Audrey have talked about raising the family in other opportunities and although they have not set a date they can also surprise us at any time.

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