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Ice-T Puts Amazon on Notice after He 'Almost Shot' Delivery Driver

Aby Rivas
May 23, 2019
05:17 P.M.
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Rapper Ice-T has a few words of advice for Amazon, after claiming on Twitter he “almost shot” one of their independent delivery persons thinking they were an intruder.


Ice-T is not one to play around when his or his family’s safety is at stake, and an Amazon delivery driver almost got the short end of that stick when they got too close to the rapper’s home on Monday to deliver a package.


The “Law & Order: SVU” star took to Twitter claiming he almost shot the person because they didn’t have any visible identification that associated them to Amazon. So, he made a public strong-worded suggestion to the shipping company writing:

“Message To Amazon: Now that you have regular people making your home deliveries. Maybe they should wear a Vest with AMAZON DELIVERY on it..... I almost shot a MF creeping up to my crib last night... Just sayin.”


And when a fan asked if the person wasn’t wearing any uniform, Ice-T replied:

“No. They don’t wear ANY uniform. Just regular people workin.. I ain’t mad at them. Just sayin. That s**t ain’t safe.”


Ice-T received replied from hundreds of fans, as well as Amazon Help and Dave Clark, the company's senior vice president of worldwide operations, who seemed to mock Ice’s vocabulary on his response:

"Just saying... thanks for the suggestion. We MF'ing love you and our drivers," Clark wrote. "Lots of innovations coming on this and many that already exist to help you track your package and delivery on a map. Thanks for being a customer."


The Amazon exec was immediately dragged by fans under his Tweet, as many believed he was being disrespectful with his response and not taking the issue at hand seriously.

"Mr. Clark, I have fired customer service reps and managers throughout my years because they thought they were so cool and could communicate with the customer using the same speech patterns as the customer was using," an angered user wrote. "It Is A Mockery, It Is Disrespectful - DO NOT DO IT AGAIN."

and others added,


On the other hand, Amazon Help said they would be in touch with Ice-T to further register his complaint.

A fan tweeted the rapper with a picture of a bulletproof vest with the Amazon logo on it as a joke, adding that it would be the perfect solution as it assured “no loss of lives + identification of delivery personnel.” Ice-T replied to the tweet with “lol.”


According to one user, Amazon outsources some of their deliveries to individual contractors that use their own cars and clothes. In contrast, Amazon employees do have a specific uniform and drive a marked vehicle.

Some fans pointed out that the rapper should have known the package was coming because Amazon has a tracking system that alerts the customer. However, it seems like Ice-T was caught by surprise.

Luckily, the incident didn’t escalate.