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Donny Osmond Hilariously Answers Google’s Most Searched Questions

Kareena Koirala
May 26, 2019
11:17 A.M.

Donny Osmond showed his funny side by giving humorous answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about him on Google.


The singer took to Instagram to share a screenshot of Google’s search engine, containing a few questions about him that were most frequently asked on the internet.

Osmond explained with a caption to the post that he “Googled” himself and came up with all the surprising queries related to him and decided to “clear up” some of those questions.


One of the first questions asked about him was whether he was in Disney’s animated movie, “Mulan.” Osmond clarified that he starred in the movie as the singing voice for Captain Li Shang, and added that it was one of his “favorite roles yet.”

The 61-year-old star also answered the second most asked question about him, which was, “Is [Donny Osmond] friends with [Michael Jackson]?” He not only affirmed to this but also added that he missed the late artist.


Besides these, Osmond further answered a query related to his health. He confirmed that he was not “ill” at the moment.The fourth question about him was in regards to his singing reality show, “The Masked Singer.”

It seems like fans were wondering him Osmond was ‘The Rabbit’ on the show.


However, Osmond clarified that he is not the Rabbit, but he is the Peacock on the show. He also mentioned that the Rabbit was fellow artist Joey Fatone.


One of the strangest questions asked about Osmond was if anyone has ever done a tattoo of his face. Surprisingly, the singer confirmed that there was a fan who had done such tattoo and joked that it was “rather permanent.”

Osmond also took the opportunity to jokingly praise himself when he answered the sixth question, “Is [Danny Osmond] sick?”


The singer replied, “Nope. Unless you mean ‘sick’ in the way my sons describe something cool, in which case Donny Osmond is pretty sick.”

His fans were delighted by the post, who quickly took to the comments section to praise him. One fan replied that the singer made their “day better.” While others took the opportunity to put forward their own queries about Osmond.

Fan comment on Donny Osmond's post. | Source: Instagram/DonnyOsmond

Fan comment on Donny Osmond's post. | Source: Instagram/DonnyOsmond

His post came only a few weeks after announcing that work on his next album was ongoing. Osmond took to Instagram on May 17 to share a photo which sees him and another friend working on the music.

Fan's comment on Donny Osmond's post. | Source: Instagram/Donny Osmond

Fan's comment on Donny Osmond's post. | Source: Instagram/Donny Osmond

Previously, Osmond also used the social media platform to update fans about his brother’s recovery following a stroke.

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