Serena Williams' Daughter Hugs Her Insta-Famous Doll Qai Qai in New Photo

Serena Williams' daughter Olympia shared a new photo of her hugging Qai Qai, her internet famous doll. This is the first time the two have been seen together in quite a while, due to Olympia's busy schedule traveling with her parents. 

It's not frequent that you see a doll go viral, or have its own Instagram page. But that's exactly what happened to Qai Qai, the beloved doll of Serena Williams' daughter. People always look for Qai Qai in the photos posted by Olympia, and after a while, she's finally shared one of the both of them together. 

In the photo, the adorable little girl smiles for the camera as she gives her doll a tight hug. In the caption, her social media handler wrote a grinning emoji. 

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😁 @realqaiqai

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On Instagram, the doll has more than a hundred thousand followers and is even rumored to be having her own Netflix cartoon series. Just last week, Olympia took Qai Qai along in Paris, where they enjoyed all the different sceneries. The doll made sure to update her followers about where she's gone, and it's quite a lot to take in. 

Back in February, Qai Qai even had an "interview" with Oprah Magazine, which is a first for the doll. who was traveled from Abu Dhabi, the Australian Open, and even on the White House Lawn thanks to a team who did a 3D rendering of her. 

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thankful for @olympiaohanian 💕

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Regardless of all the development surrounding her, she remains to be the loyal best friend of Olympia Ohanian, who takes her almost everywhere she goes. The two are inseparable, and nothing is going to change that. 

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