14 Nurses of an Oncology Unit in Massachusetts General Hospital Are Pregnant at the Same Time

Comfort Omovre
Jun 02, 2019
07:30 A.M.
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The unusual happened in the oncology unit of a Massachusetts hospital when 14 of its nurses announced they were pregnant at about the same time! 


Ellie Fitzgerald, the director of nursing, was confounded when the fourteen women all announced they were pregnant to her at about the same time! It came soon after four nurses, also employed in the unit, had just delivered their babies.

Massachusetts General Hospital / Photo: Getty Images


Although unusual, the news is a rather joyful one that has the entire hospital administration and patients beaming with joy as they expect that all the babies will arrive sometime around November this year.

While speaking to “Good Morning America,” one of the expectant mothers, Caroline Arrigi tried to explain the reasons why it almost seems like they all planned to get pregnant at the same time.

According to her, most of the nurses are all of the same age bracket, their thirties, a time when most women are just starting to raise their families. Arrigi even went on to offer consolation to their boss saying she would have to get used to it because it may happen again.


Nurses outfit / Photo: Getty Images

A photo of the women attired in their scrubs with their pregnant bellies tenting the shirts is fast becoming famous on Twitter after the Massachusetts Cancer Center shared the news on their Twitter page.

The happiness is evident and quite infectious too as they excitedly captioned the photo revealing that one of the women is even expecting twins!


The pregnant nurses have all found it beautiful to have someone they can share their experiences with and therefore consider the strange occurrence a blessing. They have become a close-knit group and are very supportive of each other as they await the birth of their children.

Female Doctor and Nurse / Photo: Getty Images


There is only one downside to fourteen nurses being pregnant at the same time, and it is that they are sure to be less efficient because of the many symptoms that accompany pregnancy so supporting each other the best they can is the only way to help the facility.

The women have also disclosed that they plan to take about three months of maternity leave averagely.

Fitzgerald has especially been warm and kind to them and has even laid down plans to have the medical center revamped to fit their needs.


She says they will convert one of the unit's rooms into a lactation room and ease their workload by drawing out a spreadsheet to track their schedules. 

She said:

“I don’t know that you can be anything but joyful about bringing life into the world. We will take care of our patients and our nurses.”

Oh to have a boss like Fitzgerald!