Source: Instagram/tikasumpter

Tika Sumpter Goes Makeup-Free in New Selfie with Daughter Ella

Oyin Balogun
Jun 03, 2019
09:19 P.M.
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“Nobody's Fool” actress Tika Sumpter took to Instagram to share a selfie of herself and her sweet little daughter, Ella. She also captioned it with a warm message about the little girl. 


As at the time of this article, the post, which is dated May 31, has already amassed well over 65,000 likes and about a thousand comments! The reason is glaring as the photo features Tika Sumpter huddling close to a seemingly busy Ella in the selfie shot. 


Ella, who will soon mark her third birthday, is the product of Sumpter’s relationship with American actor, Nicholas James. The couple belongs to a notable percentage of biracial celebrity couples, and by the looks of things, baby Ella has more of her father's genes. 


In the photo, Ella looks starkly different from her dark-skinned mother. However, Sumpter’s pride couldn't be more evident as she captioned the post with a heartfelt message. 

“I truly feel so lucky to have my Ella. Lifting you guys up. Hug your loved ones,” she wrote


Although she is looking downwards, it is still so evident that Ella is a very adorable baby. The up-close shot shows her long black lashes, her chubby cheeks, and her cute little mouth, which bears a small smile. Sumpter also looked relaxed in the image and had her face pictured bare with no form of makeup on. 

They make such a beautiful pair, and that did not escape her followers. The “An Acceptable Loss” star is quite talented and has earned herself a large number of followers since making her film debut in 2010. The vast number of her fans becomes very obvious at times like this when they take to the comments section to voice their opinions about her posts. This time, it is all love for her and her gorgeous baby daughter. 


One @mrspittman72 pointed out the obvious by writing:

“She's beautiful like her mommy. Omg, she looks so much like her dad in this pic.”

Another @steeletara17 said:

“Just beautiful. ..i love and your hubby..great parents n a power couple. Keep the greatness going. beautiful baby but tika she looks like daddy..all smiles.”

Sumpter has filled her Instagram page with many adorable photos of Ella like this one. One is particularly a fan favorite as it includes a series of photos which had the toddler dressed up in a “Moana” costume for Halloween. The adorable images are just too cute and they have fans wondering just how stunning little Ella is going to be when she is even more grown!