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Donald Trump Raises Public Ire as He Appeared to Fall Asleep during Queen Elizabeth's Toast

Gracious Egedegbe
Jun 04, 2019
12:14 P.M.
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Donald Trump infuriated netizens and the general public after a video clip of him taking a snooze while Queen Elizabeth was making a speech surfaced online.


Famous journalist and Photographer, Benjamin Wareing took to Twitter yesterday, June 3, to share a photo of President Trump sleeping while the Queen gave a toast.


Wareing’s caption reads:

“The President of the United States, Donald Trump, falling asleep as Her Majesty The Queen delivers her State banquet speech…”

The photo is fast becoming viral with netizens expressing great fury at his lackadaisical attitude when an official like the Queen was present and giving a toast at that! While it won't be the first time President will be under fire, it tops a list of his most embarrassing moments.


The photo was taken during the Buckingham Palace banquet when the Queen rose to speak about the tight-knit relationship between the United Kingdom and the United States of America. Since it surfaced, netizens have noted that the president looks like he was having a difficult time keeping his eyes open during the speech.

With Trump's presidential role,  comes several duties and his appearance in the UK is one of such. The 72-year-old successful entrepreneur was spotted arriving in the UK some few days ago for the high-class feast. Trump has had his schedule fully booked and must indeed be exhausted, but netizens just aren't having it.


A short video clip of the father of five is currently circulating the media and has notable figures coming out to reprove Trump. In the clip, the world-famous billionaire, despite being seated between Her Majesty and Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, is caught several times nodding off.  

The moment is meme-worthy and had a netizen saying:

“Good, god, he’s falling asleep at the royal dinner."

Another tweeted Trump directly saying:

"You fell asleep during THE QUEEN'S speech! You are a total embarrassment to our country and the world."


It still seems unbelievable, and some have even come out to express hopes that perhaps he was staring down for too long or just closing his eyes while thinking about the Queen’s wise words. However, that is not enough to douse the uprising against him.

It is not the first time the President will be making a nonethical mistake during his UK visit. “People” reports that a debate is still ongoing about whether Trump’s move putting his hand on Queen Elizabeth’s back during the banquet is against royal protocols or not. Trump does have a thing for causing upheaval on the internet.