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Melania Trump Pays Homage to Princess Diana by Wearing an Elegant White and Navy Outfit

Joe Akins
Jun 05, 2019
12:57 A.M.
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Melania Trump showed once again that she is not only fashion-forward, she is a great diplomat by paying homage to Princess Diana in a white and navy outfit.


The State visit by the first family has seen a lot of elegant fashion choices by the ladies in the Trump family, and First Lady, Melania Trump is leading the charge.


During her visit to Clarence House in the company of the President, she wore an elegant white and navy outfit. The dress designed by Dolce and Gabbana is mostly white with a navy blue collar and waist belt.

The FLOTUS paired it with a hat designed by Herve Pierre; it had a navy band around the rim, and she wore matching heels. Pierre shared a sketch of the hat on Instagram, and although he is called Melania's stylist, he said in a past interview that his role is to advise her and not tell her what to wear.


Twitter user, Rachel Campos-Duffy, shared a picture of the look writing, "Melania once again demonstrates how fashion diplomacy is done." She added, "This is perfection; what a beautiful fashion tribute to the late Princess Diana."

Campos-Duffy equally called "Vogue and other fashion liberals" petty for refusing to put the FLOTUS whom she called "Gorgeous and stylish" on the cover of magazines.

Clarence House Twitter page also shared a picture of the look with Melania in the company of President Trump, Prince Charles, and Duchess Camila.


Princess Diana before her death was known to wear outfits with white and navy blue combination, as well as hats by John Boyd of the same color.

In the ‘80s and ‘90s, she wore it to several outings including the V-J Day event in '95, and the former model wearing those colors during the State visit indeed paid homage to the late Princess.


Melania's diplomacy does not end with her fashion choices; she also put it to work when President Trump forgot about the gift he gave to Queen Elizabeth during a visit to Windsor last year.

Emily Andrews tweeted that the billionaire President could not recall gifting a pewter horse to Her Majesty, but the mother-of-one stepped in saying,

"I think we gave that to the Queen."

Her Majesty reciprocated by giving a 1959 first edition of the Second World War by Winston Churchill and a three-piece Duofold pen to the President, and to the former model, she gave a silver box with handcrafted enamel lid.

Melania also wore the outfit to the luncheon and gallery exhibit with the Queen.