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See What Angela Bassett Did to Help Her Aspiring Rapper Son's Dream Come True

Oyin Balogun
Jun 08, 2019
08:43 A.M.
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Angela Bassett ensures she spares no expense on her son when it comes to helping him achieve his dreams. Slater Vance is aspiring to be a rapper like his idol, who raps about peace and love despite being a victim of racial discrimination.


Going to any length for your child is expected of any parent, however, “any length” is relative, especially when it comes to Angela Bassett.


Basset is a woman who had struggled repeatedly to have a child and the physical, emotional, and mental toll it took on her, lack accurate words to describe it. She had tried other options such as IVF, yet it proved unfruitful. It was not until a friend of hers introduced the idea of a surrogate mother did the proverbial “light at the end of the tunnel” came her way.


Having children, twins to be precise, after all the hurdles, roadblocks and the eventual detour, it is no wonder why Angela Bassett would go to any length to fulfill the needs of her children. She had fought against all the odds to have them.

With her son hoping to be a rapper and his mother right behind him to support him as she did King T’challa, (the character who was her son in "Black Panther") it comes as little to no surprise when she arranges for her son to meet his idol Logic.


She gushed especially about how her son wants to walk in the footsteps of his idol, rapping about peace, love, and positivity. Black Panther was a movie Angela Bassett and her husband believed was imperative for the enlightenment of their kids allowing them to not only experience a new culture but also see themselves in such positive light-an epiphany of who they are.


She admitted that she and her husband try to steer their children away from movie sets, allowing them to be full expressions of who they were created to be, however, they could not overlook the potential enlightenment Black Panther would have on their kids.

With so many rappers out there well-known for their “rap,” one could wonder why the bias towards Logic. It is pretty logical once one knew a little about Bassett’s son’s struggles.


Bassett had expressed how her children had faced and dealt with racism, right from a young age of 4. She expressed how it hurt her immensely having to see her kids go through it. Although she holds no grudge against the kids themselves, she believes that children are like sponges and their environment determines what they absorb and let out.

Angela Bassett’s drive to be an excellent mother is both noteworthy and praiseworthy.