Duchess Camilla Goes Viral after Winking on Camera behind Donald Trump's Back

The Duchess of Cornwall achieved viral status thanks to a candid gesture she made in front of the cameras as she and her husband Prince Charles proceeded to have a meeting with the US first couple.

Twitter users found their latest viral star in 71-year-old Camilla Parker-Bowles after she was apparently caught winking to the cameras behind Donald and Melania Trump who had a meeting with the royals as part of their official visit to the UK.

Online commentators are calling Parker-Bowles’ playful gesture the “best thing” about Trump’s state visit, which has been not short of controversy.


While Trump is famous for his unusual antics and all eyes in the UK focused on him to expect the unexpected, it was Duchess Camilla who ended up adding a humorous touch to the high-profile meeting, and the public wasn’t going to let it go unnoticed.

The joke seems to be still on Trump, as it is mainly his critics who have related to what Parker-Bowles’ wink might imply, and they are the ones who turned the moment into the perfect meme of the official visit.


“Camilla’s wink is all sane people on earth,” tweeted Scott Dworking. “Silent but deadly,” commented another user. “Camilla is a hidden gem. Fabulously naughty girl,” Lisbeth Gorr praised the Duchess.

“Royal Protection Officer: ‘Camilla, if you are in trouble then wink, we will come and rescue you,’” royal watcher Charlie Proctor joked. “She may not be the queen the world wants, but she seems to be the queen the world needs,” added another person.


The intimate meeting between the US Head of State and his wife with the Prince and Duchess was followed by a much more formal and ceremonial state banquet at Windsor Palace, with several members of the royal family in attendance.

President Trump dressed accordingly to the occasion, wearing a tuxedo and white tie, but it was the ladies from the royal family who stole much of the attention thanks to their shiny, fairy-tale tiaras.

Starting with Queen Elizabeth II, she wore a Burmese ruby and diamond tiara to match her ruby and diamond necklace. The tiara was made in 1973 using 96 rubies the people of Burma gave to the Queen.

Duchess Camilla donned a sparkling Boucheron Diamond tiara, also known as the Greville tiara, while Kate Middleton opted for the Cambridge Lover’s Knot tiara.

The Queen’s only daughter Princess Anne also was present and wore a smaller tiara with diamond and aquamarine called the Aquamarine Pineflower tiara, and a matching necklace.