Woman Sparks Debate as She Shares Regret over Injecting Illegal Polymers to Get a 59″ Booty

Since the age of 22, Courtney Barnes wanted a big booty, but after her posterior began to “discolor” and sag, she realized the dangers involved with illegal butt fillers and decided to warn other young women, “Don’t do it!”

Thirteen years after Courtney received the illegal cosmetic surgeries at “black market pumping parties,” she decided on having corrective surgery to slim down her 59-inch artificial booty.

“I’m tired of being a victim of bullying on social media just because of the way I look,” Courtney said on an episode of Barcroft’s “Hooked on the Look.”

People often “stalk” Courtney on the street, wanting to take pictures of her ample derriere, and she wants to “look like the girl next door.”

“I just want people to see more as Courtney,” she said. “OK, I may look like a circus freak because my booty is big like this, but I just want people to see me for me.”

But the opinions of others are not Courtney’s only concerns. According to Dr. Gonzalo Mosquera, the plastic surgeon who examined her, Courtney is lucky that the polymer fillers hadn’t resulted in severe medical issues.

“She’s definitely had illegal injections of polymer, which is very sad, a common thing that occurs in [the Miami] area,” Dr. Mosquera claimed.

Because Courtney’s corrective surgery will require a specialist, it will cost more than the illegal procedures as she added, “The cost of fixing my butt is more than what I paid to get this butt, it’d be well over $20,000.”

With over 843,000 followers on Instagram, Courtney now uses her fan base and her 59-inch butt to draw attention to the issues she is facing.

“Just because it looks good does not mean it’s healthy," she said. "And I just want to say don’t do it. Don’t do it! I just want to get as many people as I can understanding what I went through so that they won’t go through it.”

A plastic surgeon, Dr. Constantino Mendieta also spoke out about the dangers associated with illegal polymer fillers and said:

“They are dangerous because the injections are given into the vein that goes into the lungs, and people have died. So there is an immediate danger to it, but then there is a long-term danger. She is starting to get some skin changes in the buttock area. So I think Courtney is headed for some problems down the road."

Reportedly a college graduate with a degree in economics, Courtney works as a brand ambassador, party host, a cam girl, among others and has one goal as Courtney said, "I want to show men, women, and children that it is possible to be beautiful, smart, and have a big ass."

The risk during such procedures start the moment a patient enters the operating room, and no one knows that better than Tameka Foster, Usher’s ex-wife.

Early in 2019, Tameka Foster revealed how she almost died after an impromptu decision to have liposuction ten years before.

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