Gabe Brown of 'Alaskan Bush People' Marries Raquell Rose Again in an Intimate Ceremony

Jaimie-lee Prince
Jun 17, 2019
10:34 P.M.
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Gabriel "Gabe" Brown and Raquell Rose had their first public ceremony as they got married for the second time, making it a family affair this time. 


Brown, 29, and Rose, 22, of "Alaskan Bush People" held an intimate ceremony with a few friends and family on the five-month anniversary of their wedding.

The couple initially sealed the deal on January 14 in Washington, but they wanted their loved ones to share in their joy this time. The clip of the event is found below. 


Back in January, Brown's brother Noah officiated the ceremony that sealed the deal between the two. It came just within a year after they officially began dating on Valentine's Day in 2018. 

It was Brown's little sister, Rain Brown, who introduced the pair last year. And here they are a year later, happily married. "We're so happy to have found each other and can't wait for what life has in store for us," Brown said in an interview with People magazine.

The entire family seems pleased with Brown's bride, but Brown himself was most ecstatic about his choice, and of holding a second marriage. He said, "I’m so happy my family, especially my mom, could be by our side on our special day."


He continued saying, "Raquell is my one true love and we’re really grateful to have met each other. God is good." And of her new husband, Raquell said: “Gabe is the most loving, kind and funny guy I know – he makes me laugh every day."

She added: 

"I’m so excited to start our lives together and thankful for the support of our friends and family and to God for bringing us together."


Brown's father Billy reminded viewers that he's been married to wife Ami for 40 years. He described the new marriage as a "gift" and said that both Gabe and his son Noah — who got married in August 2018 — made them proud. Noah also welcomed the family's first grandchild in March. 

Despite their sense of togetherness for this marriage, the older couple was not so happy when older son Billy "Bam Bam" got serious with his girlfriend Allison. Thankfully, they managed to work things out, though the couple is still not married after nearly three years. 


As for the oldest son, Matt Brown, no one has seen what his girlfriend looks like, but it is believed he has one. He lives with her in Southern California after he fell out with his father and quit the show. 

However, Matt is still on good terms with his brothers. He wished Solomon "Bear" Brown a happy birthday via Instagram just last week as he drank some soda to celebrate. 


"This Dr. Pepper's for you. Cheers!" he said in a video. Matt has also been battling addictive behavior, a factor that contributed to him leaving the show. He is said to be doing well now, but the discord with his father has prevented his return. 

Thankfully, fans are able to keep up with Matt via social media. In February, he announced that he finished a six-month treatment program for his problem. He also shared YouTube videos that allowed fans to follow his journey.